The first documentary for Fawad, Sanam’s ‘Barzakh’ has been released

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The first documentary for Fawad, Sanam’s ‘Barzakh’ has been released

The first photo for Asim Abbasi’s upcoming series Barzakh starring Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan was unveiled at the Series Mania Festival in the French city of Lille on Friday ahead of its world premiere. Of the Zindagi original family drama is the only series from South Asia selected for the annual festival, according to a press release.

Pares will start with the show’s International Panorama, a competitive 12-title category that will qualify for the best series, director, screenplay, actor, student audition, and audience awards. Saeed, writer-director Abbasi and producer Shailja Kejriwal attended the event in Lille.

Khan, who essays the role of a single parent who is guilty, talked about how excited he was about Barzakh that he cut the Series Mania. “In conjunction with the first installment of Series Mania, our poster that we’re now releasing to the world offers a sneak peek at what’s possible. expected from the series – the beauty and uncertainty that reflects the complexity of managing human relationships in a modern world.”

Saeed, who plays the central female, shared what made him sign the project in the first place. “Participating in the Exhibition Mania Festival is absolutely certain. The Barzakh is a story that I connected with the minute I heard it and in the hands of Asim Abbasi, it was organized in a slow, beautiful process that renews our faith in love and life,” he said.

Of the cake The actor further emphasized that the series will be “very different” from the usual on-screen family dramas. “This is why I not only took on the difficult responsibility but also saw life in a different perspective. It is very different from what we have seen on the screen and all the actors played different roles. I am very proud of this series and honored that it is making its world premiere at the Series Mania Festival.

Pares, shot in Karachi and the beautiful Hunza valley, is a perfect blend of magic and fantasy, according to Abbasi. Just like his picture cake, Pares it also explores a “way to reunite the family and deal with the themes of love, loss, and reconciliation.”

Talking about Barzakh’s first album, Asim said that “Love and memory are the main parts of Barzakh.” He continued, “We wanted a visual that represented love in its eternal manifestation, but, like memory, also had a fleeting, ephemeral quality about it—like time passes and fades away from us, leaving behind a distant, but clear, memory of the time when it all began.”

Journalist Kejriwal also expressed his happiness about Barzakh getting a world first at the annual festival. “Barzakh is the first Indo-Pak border series to be shown globally, and presenting it to the world together as a team is a truly emotional moment. Amidst all the excitement, we’re very proud to present the series of announcements – as awesome and beautiful as the series we created together. This is a true work of love that transcends borders, shown by the fact that we will present it to an international audience gathered from around the world,” he said.

Crediting the entire team for bringing the family drama to a global level, Kejriwal added, “Barzakh has borne fruit through passion, vision, and courage. from everyone involved and I want to express my gratitude to each and every artist and crew, because we could not have done this masterpiece alone’ bite. We hope that audiences and fans of original stories from around the world will share our excitement and enthusiasm for this series.”

Waqas Hassan, another producer for the series, dedicated the series to boys. “From the mountains of Hunza to Lille, it’s a crazy journey. Here’s one for dad.”

A family drama centered on an old man’s search for love, Pares explore intergenerational conflict between fathers and sons. The story is set in a terrifying world of supernatural beings and otherworldly things that show the gap between life, death, and rebirth. The family drama premiered to the world on March 18.

Held every year in Lille since 2010, the Festival Series Mania aims to identify and classify the best series from around the world. The festival brings together “the best writers, directors, and artists together under one roof.”

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