Urwa says Nadeem Baig ‘misrepresented her in front of people’

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Urwa says Nadeem Baig ‘misrepresented her in front of people’

Director Nadeem Baig was recently invited to a local game show hosted by Fahad Mustafa and asked who is the funniest on set. In a quick fire round, he was offered to choose between Urwa Hocane, Ayeza Khan and Mehwish Hayat – all women, we might add – and the actor went with the former.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, Hocane posted a detailed statement regarding Baig’s response while calling out the show for promoting “actions” that provoke a negative response “for the sake of sign in the funny dress.” Saying that he “speaks straight from the heart”, Hocane wrote, “It is very sad that the format of our shows requires each person in the industry to put the other for the sake of the awards in the funny clothes.. Now that it comes to this, I want to explain my side more [the] stories.”

Call the producer “Nadeem bhai“, the actor wrote,”[He] and I only did one project together with one difference [of] thoughts about the song Lak Hilna where we ended up going with his beauty, choice of songs and dance moves[s], as I felt he did not want to have a conversation.” Baig and Hocane worked inside Punjab Nahi Jaungi, which was released back in 2017. The movie saw Hocane playing Durdana Butt.

Hocane said that as a society, we are impatient with differences of opinion, especially when it comes from a woman. “Despite my great fear for the song, I never threw my director under the bus because of my respect for him. I am deeply hurt. [by] how can my public demeanor be misrepresented by having a good conversation on set that I believe in [the] based on working together but in all these years it was never disclosed to me.”

Hocane felt that it was because he didn’t quickly realize that voicing someone’s opinion would make no difference if he was working with people who would be fired immediately. “Today I am wise [enough] not being in a workplace makes me feel withdrawn and uncomfortable with having an opinion or opinion and the voice of someone who is suddenly dismissed as a woman. It might leave someone with a few jobs in our small business but I prefer to be my true self because I don’t know any other way to be.

Of the Udaari The actor said that life as a public figure is “difficult” with a lot of anger. “Being in public, we have long been prone to unnecessary traffic. It would be nice if our dear friends did not play a role, it would encourage the audience to focus on a person. hurt and bad. I really hope this makes everyone understand that these games can really affect someone’s mental health and well-being,” he said.

Hocane urged everyone to celebrate and encourage each other’s work. late,” he concluded with the hashtag, “Say No To Bullying”.

In the comments section of Hocane’s Instagram post, his brother and sister Mawra Hocane wrote, “I have witnessed you go through all of this and more. Misunderstood and misinterpreted. But more everything, courage in everything. May you always lead the way with your strength and grace Insha’Allah and always remember [that] glory and care are in the hands of Allah… Keep it up, I love you always.”

Her husband Farhan Saeed and actress Nadia Jamil also showed their support under the post.

Baig did not respond to Urwa’s statement.

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