Aima Baig has no love for her brother

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Aima Baig has no love for her brother

The name of the singer Aima Baig has again jumped into another controversy. A local media outlet found an old interview of her in which she revealed that she wanted her brother, who is seven years her senior. . Of the Pass crooner, frankly “disgusted” by the accusations, called out the publication for its “scary tactics” and “shameless yellow gossip.”

On Thursday, Baig took to his Instagram Stories to break the silence on the controversy. “I don’t usually come forward to clarify my comments but this caught my eye,” he wrote. are they sharing?” he added, asking the media to keep his name out of their “disgraceful content.”

“I really want to throw it up. Do you post something for fun? Work hard or leave me alone. Shame on you, big time,” he concluded. The statement came after Baig exposed the original media post and called them out on false reports.

When the publication ignored their false report, Baig shared the first image for the profile to “prove” he never said what was reported. “Since then [the outlet] is in complete denial that ‘no, you said it’s your brother – your real brother’ is now starting to get funny. I liked this page and I thought there were some smart people sitting behind it but here it is, the shocking scare is back.” he added in another Story.

“Click here to see the truth, everyone. Although talking about it is abhorrent, they should know how a false belief can destroy an entire nation. I demand an apology for such a slanderous and slanderous accusation against me and to delete all these unnecessary and unpleasant stories about this useless and stupid story,” urged Baig.

In an old interview with Samina Peerzada, Baig can be heard saying that her first love was her brother’s friend, who is also like a brother to her. “I remember my first crush very well. He was my brother’s friend. I was about 10 years old and my brother was seven years older than me… this is the part that was taken out of The photo went viral and this is the description he shared with his friend about his brother.

After watching the first film, many users criticized the local media for neglecting just for pleasure. “Remove this post! It’s a shame you have to stoop so low for a few pleasures! He never said anything like that! Sorry writers,” read one comment.

Another user wrote, “I saw the actual video and it totally contradicts what you wrote here. Try to be more responsible with your posts. Don’t post fake news to get comments. !! Shame.” Given that the post is still up and over 19,000 likes, the user feels that the outlet should remove the post and accept their mistake now.

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