I face 500-600 balls during practice: Babar Azam

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I face 500-600 balls during practice: Babar Azam

Pakistan captain Babar Azam shared the reason behind his success in world cricket, saying that he strongly believes in the phrase “practice makes the man perfect.”

In a recent interview with the Peshawar Zalmi podcast, the talented right-hander revealed that he committed himself to playing 500-600 balls daily during his school days and up to enough to double the number of balls if there are none.

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According to Babar, strong practice is the key to effective sports performance.

“I think you can only play the game if you practice hard. I play 500-600 balls every day in my training. Even double balls when I’m not good. I believe that practice is very important for anyone who wants to perform on the game. ground,” he said.

Babar’s commitment to his craft has undoubtedly paid off, as he is widely regarded as one of the best people in the world today. He was recently named the ICC Cricketer of the Year for his impressive performance in 2022.

Despite receiving criticism for his batting, Babar remains determined to resolve any shortcomings in his batting, stressing that it will take time to make necessary improvements.

“Criticism is always there, whether you implement it or not, everyone has their own opinion,” he said.

“I think if you get something wrong in your batting, it takes a long time. People want things to be right quickly, it’s not possible,” added Babar.

Babar’s father, Azam Siddique, played an important role in his son’s success, from his childhood cricket days to his role as the captain of the national side.

The 28-year-old credits his father’s role in his success, saying he always pushes him to try harder.

“My father is rarely satisfied with my performance, because he doesn’t want to take things for granted, he always tries to give me some advice to do better eat me,” he said.

“Well, sometimes I’m praised, but I think it’s good for you that your elders continue to guide you and want more from you,” he concluded. .

Babar is now the second-highest scorer in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 8, having scored 416 goals in nine games, including his first PSL century.

His dedication to his craft and commitment to continuous improvement will surely help him achieve greater success in the future.


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