Ushna Shah blames the television for not giving Qvi Khan

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Ushna Shah blames the television for not giving Qvi Khan

The protagonist Ushna Shah shared her tweet about the late Qavi Khan who did not receive a single award in his lifetime from television before his death. Of the Habs Star remembered his heartbreak when he realized that he, in fact, was hoping to be successful with those he worked with, and hoped for his peers to be better.

“Terrible! I don’t believe I have to break this fact,” Shah wrote in Instagram Story. He began by clarifying his tweet about the awards given by private TV channels, not government awards. given by the government of Pakistan every year. “The drama industry is corrupt, and so are the awards,” he said.

“And it didn’t give him the lifetime achievement award that he had so heartbrokenly hoped for. Qassim Mureed, Mussadiq Malik, and a few others know this purpose. And it broke my heart to hear that,” Shah added. Of the Parizaad The main character revealed that although Khan “still lives as a great man and nothing can change that, the last award of drama he got was Feroze. [Khan] bring him on stage and share his prize (I may be wrong).

Shah assured that he was not “affiliating to anyone or any organization.” But when he heard that he was hoping for the same thing before he died while talking to a friend, he was heartbroken and tweeted about it. “I tweeted out of love for him,” he said. “I asked us, now, the situation, special business model and all the signs that come with it, and push us to be better. It’s a crisis and let’s it is only when we identify these flaws that we can fix them in the future.”

To conclude, he asked, “What makes this so bad?”

Earlier, Shah tweeted, “I have a question for the Pakistani drama industry: How many lifetime achievement awards has Qavi got. Sahab caught before passing? I have a question for the audience: How many did he deserve? RIP Sir, we are sorry.”

In a later tweet, he wrote, “Qavi Sahab has (rightfully) received many national and international awards. I asked my theater friend, which is now being privatized. Let’s give our legacy their flowers while they are here. As a business we can always do better than always, including me.

On this, actress Rabya Kulsoom said in a now defunct tweet, “Factcheck: Sitara-e-Imtiaz, Pride of Performance, Nigar Awards and PTV Award. [He received] millions of options and other features. He is a legend and thankfully, he was respected and treated like a legend both on and off the sets.

Kulsoom sadly added, “He was a happy person and left peacefully with his family and friends. Stop making assumptions about everything.”

After Khan’s death, Shah, newly married, mourned the death of his “uncle” on social media. “It’s always been a dream to work with Qavi’s brother,” he said. Remembering Khan as “the most respected and loved member of the fraternity,” he added that he may have passed, but his “legacy will live on.”

Khan died on March 5, 2023.

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