Google unveils ‘magic wand’ AI tool for Docs

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Google unveils ‘magic wand’ AI tool for Docs


Alphabet Inc’s ( GOOGL.O ) Google on Tuesday unveiled more artificial intelligence (AI) tools for its email, collaboration and cloud software, targeting Microsoft Corp ( MSFT.O ) days before its rival expected to make a similar announcement. .

In an update to last month’s game show launched by the tech giant, Alphabet announced a “magic wand” for its popular Google Docs app that can write a marketing blog, training plan or other writing, then return its voice at the discretion of users, when the company’s office shows in the journalists.

Microsoft, meanwhile, teased an event on Thursday about how to “reinvent productivity with AI,” which is expected to show its competitive Word processor.

Alphabet also said that its AI will be able to summarize Gmail messages, create templates, categorize customers and take meeting notes as part of its improvements to Google Workspace, an integrated product with billions of users. on free and paid accounts.

The move reflects how ChatGPT has sparked a race in Silicon Valley to stock products called generative AI, which learns from past records how to innovate things, like the chatbot sensation.

Microsoft, Alphabet and peers are investing billions of dollars to develop and use the technology, with the hope that the business they will win from the acceleration of writing and creative work for office workers will exceed the cost of these efforts. .

“This is another area where we are bringing human beings to support with an AI worker, who works in real time,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, in a press release.

Alphabet is giving verified developers access to new Workspace projects on a rolling schedule throughout the year, before four publicly announced, such as Microsoft’s gradual release of their chat software.

Kurian declined to say how much it will cost businesses or customers.

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AI-Building Corgi

Google also announced a number of AI-powered tools for its cloud computing customers, for example the access vision in PaLM, one of his most powerful “multilingual models” to create human-like text.

Google says that customers can adapt its AI model to their own data while maintaining information and special benefits.

In another software example, Google showed how a fictional furniture business could create better customer-service chats that could generate images. as well as the text, such as the expression of a corgi dog on a mid-century modern sofa.

The chatbot can be integrated with a payment system so that a customer can buy the seat, a promotional image showed.

Google hopes for its AI to “change” the jobs of marketers, lawyers, scientists and teachers, according to the video.

The company of Mountain View, California has announced a partnership with the high-level AI research lab Midjourney, with Google to provide big cloud products that include its traditional “TPU” toys.

Microsoft’s AI development has now outpaced Alphabet, which is wary of social risks as well as reputational damage. a reliable source of information.

Such programs remain in incorrect answers called “hallucinations”.

A mistake made by Alphabet’s chatbot Bard in a demo last month contributed to a $100 billion drop in its market value, although Microsoft conducted its own investigation after its Bing search chatbot appeared unkind or threatening to users.

According to Kurian, Google remains “absolutely committed to AI applications,” giving control to customers and reviewing the proper use of its products. Microsoft has also added protections to its browser programs.


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