Anoushey has taken a media break ahead of Ramadan

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Anoushey has taken a media break ahead of Ramadan

Anoushey Ashraf is taking a break from social media to prepare her soul, mind and spirit for the holy month of Ramazan. The RJ shared with the host that he signed up for a “spiritual retreat” in the mountains to set him on his “way.”

On Sunday, Ashraf took to Instagram with a farewell note for all his fans and followers. “[I’m] take a week away from social media to make sure I clear my mind, soul, spirit and emotions to start Ramadan with an empty mind open to receive blessings, wisdom and goodness,” he wrote.

Speaking about his plans for the week, he added, “I’m back in the mountains and I’ve signed up for a spiritual retreat of deep conversation, meditation, reading and prayer. Just looking for my garden before I give it to the mind of the person Ramazan, know and wake up.

Ashraf added that he will miss his “social media family” but is excited for the spiritual journey that awaits him. “I have to admit that I will miss my family in the networks this week but I am also happy to renew my feelings, clear this ship of all cargo and come back with the desire to offer more of me when I get back. I love you all and what. I will keep you in my prayers. Much love,” he signed off.

Actors Adnan Malik and Syeda Tuba Anwar, along with fans, sent their love and praised him for taking the much needed break.

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