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Disagree to run an AI-powered chatbot, messenger

Chat app Discord said Thursday it will introduce new features that can summarize long conversations or add embellishments to a user’s avatar, the latest move by the tech company to create tools. AI.

Generative AI, which captured the use of the technology, is a technology that can generate images, texts or videos to respond quickly.

Startups such as OpenAI and technologies such as Microsoft and Google have introduced or published AI chatbots that can integrate information online to answer complex questions or write new articles.

“We’re looking at one of the most exciting times in technology ever,” said Jason Citron, CEO of Discord in San Francisco, during a press release.

Discord, which allows groups of users to chat via text, video and voice, says it will relaunch a bot called Clyde, which will now be powered by OpenAI technology. Media users can use AI-powered Clyde to answer specific questions, help schedule meetings or recommend menus, the company said.

Another AI feature will allow users to “mix” their friends’ avatars using avatars. For example, the image can put a crown on a person’s head in their profile picture to celebrate their birthday.

If users log out of Discord and miss a stream of messages, an AI tool will be able to summarize the conversation and allow users to quickly jump back to parts of the message board to capture the conversation. The tool will begin rolling out next week to a limited number of Discord groups, the company said.

Discord said it will also experiment with OpenAI technology to improve an existing content management tool to help automatically block malicious or unwanted messages from a Discord conversation. The redesigned tool can tag messages to moderators and also understand the context of the conversation, the company said.


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