Power cuts in Paris 2024 location: union

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Power cuts in Paris 2024 location: union


A French labor union said workers in the energy sector cut power to Olympic construction sites on Thursday for the 2024 Paris Gamesas well as the main stadium of the Stade de France.

Gas and electricity were cut off at sites as well as at data centers, said Sebastien Menesplier, secretary general of the powerful CGT union, as the union launched actions to disrupt the controversial government pension reform.

The Union continues to take action to force the government to stop the plan, along with transport and other public services in France for three consecutive days.

The government under President Emmanuel Macron says raising the retirement age from 62 to 64 and strengthening requirements for a full pension are critical to preventing the system from sinking into recession.

“In the face of the government’s refusal to compliment us, we also refuse to back down,” said Menesplier.

“I appeal to the responsibility of the government and the president of the government: withdraw your change and the electricians and workers will work for the common workers and the public good”, he added. .

About three hundred workers participated for the operation which saw them using four main cables. Some, covered, raised their arms and lit smoke bombs to hide those who cut off the electricity from the cameras.

Then the power supply tries to work quickly in the distance to restore the supply in the affected areas.

Strikers in the power sector since Tuesday have been cutting off electricity, throwing several areas across the country into darkness.

Government spokesman Olivier Veran on Wednesday condemned the cutting of wild cats while expressing respect for the right to express disagreements on the street.

“We condemn calls to bring our economy to its knees because this is not true, the only thing we want to bring to its knees is unemployment,” he added.

On the evening of last Wednesday, the government passed a major obstacle to the law for its bill, when it was submitted by the upper house of the Senate, which is controlled by the opposition. ‘e, his approval in the matter related to the increase of the retirement age.


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