A look at the red carpet skincare trends

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A look at the red carpet skincare trends


From facials to skin lasers, celebrities are turning to a variety of skin care routines to look their best. for the Oscars red carpet on Sunday.

Estheticians, dermatologists and other beauty professionals are busy preparing their customers before the high ceremony of Hollywood, the end of the awards season.

Along with ordering celebrities like Kerry Washington and actress Chelsea Handler are targeting FaceGym, which describes itself as the “house of the power of form.”

“We are based on the idea that just like going to the gym to strengthen your body and change your body, you can do the same thing with your face and 40-plus muscles that you have in our faces,” FaceGym teachers and trainers. Gianna Graham said Reuters in one of the New York libraries.

Behind him, a trainer carefully twists, rolls a ball and uses an electrical device to stimulate the muscles on the client.

“It reaches places on the face that our hands can’t reach, so it will strengthen the specific muscles as well as the normal muscles of the face,” Graham said.

“You will be more refined and smooth under the skin. The darkness under the eyes will disappear. And overall, the lift is exactly what people like famous).

The Weiser Skin Dermatology office offers the famous Hollywood Laser Peel, which uses liquid carbon.

“It’s a good choice for the moment before a red carpet,” said dermatologist Dr. Jessica Weiser, who is brief about her celebrities, while showing the style.

“When we shine the laser on it, the carbon will go away and it will pull a layer of leather with it. And what it does is achieve the effects of a chemical layer that without any downtime, redness or breakouts.” Weiser said.

Los Angeles celebrity Bianca Edwards, who gave boxer Floyd Mayweather a $5,000 facial, says she sees twice people the week before a big event.

“I want to bring them in and do something like this first,” he told Reuters while performing a Beauty Peel to remove dead skin.

“And maybe 48 to 72 hours before the actual Oscar I’ll bring them back for just another quick little test. Maybe I’ll do a little microcurrent on them. It’s 72-hours the repair of the face,” he said.

Edwards uses his beauty tool, Ice Dice, to exfoliate the skin.

“These are stainless steel tubes that are filled with glycerin to hold the heat and act like ice on the client’s skin,” he said. “I like my customers walk out like a glazed donut.”

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