Microsoft Outlook for Mac is free

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Microsoft Outlook for Mac is free

From today, Microsoft Outlook is made free for MacBooks. The app is available in Apple’s app store and does not require a Microsoft 365 subscription or an Office license.

Microsoft first redesigned the Outlook user interface for Mac users. Outlook for Mac supports all email that has IMAP support.

Microsoft has tried to improve performance, reliability, and usability for the Mac user. So the release step comes as an incentive to increase user engagement for Microsoft’s web-powered version of Outlook.

As it is The VergeMichael Palermiti, a product group partner for Outlook, said, “The new Outlook for Mac is a special macOS application. Microsoft plans to continue building and maintaining the best software in the classes on macOS and iOS. There are no Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) designed for Mac Outlook.”


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