Technical studies criticize plan to exclude non-EU cloud buyers

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Technical studies criticize plan to exclude non-EU cloud buyers

A European Union policy that could exclude Amazon, Alphabet’s Google, Microsoft and other non-EU cloud services from the block is discriminatory and could lead to retaliation, a research done by a technology group says.

The Report of the European Center for International Political Economy (ECIPE), which was commissioned by the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA), highlights the growing concern about the image of branding in the US technology, which so far has not made a public statement on it. this.

The issue is a provision in the EU cybersecurity agency ENISA’s certification scheme (EUCS) that requires cloud services to provide their registered headquarters and global headquarters in the EU and to operate cloud services and store and process data. of consumers in the 27-member bloc.

“I think the political rhetoric is to attract foreign customers but the reality is that there will also be consequences for EU businesses that rely on IT services,” said the Director of ECIPE Matthias Bauer to Reuters.

“Members of the state should call on the cybersecurity agency and the European Commission to abandon political EUCS immunity requirements,” he added.

ENISA is waiting for an opinion from the EU countries, a spokesperson said and “then the program will be finalized by taking this opinion into account and submitting the final program to the European Commission”.

The EU authorities refused to comment on the ECIPE report.

“The program must be in full compliance with EU law, as well as the EU’s international commitments, including trade,” said the Commission’s spokesperson.

ECIPE says that the application can be a dangerous model for any data area, it can be seen that the name of cybersecurity has been approved for new technologies such as internet connected devices in energy, health and autonomous driving .

The ban could also trigger retaliation by the EU’s trading partners, the think tank said.


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