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a better version of Grammarly

Gone are the days when a writer could be satisfied before the simple correction of the Microsoft Word grammar tool. While Grammarly, one of the few AI grammar checking tools, was popular with users from many professions, the premium subscription was still expensive and the four Free base lost touch with his honest advice.

ProWritingAid provides reasonable packages and similar services, which are great value for money. The best text editor and grammar checker is designed for bloggers, content writers, journalists, and even writers.

The best tool for writing content, correcting typos, and correcting grammar and punctuation errors.

Edit Your Writing Professionally For Free With ProWritingAid

The tool works on Windows and Mac and can be installed as an extension to your test like Grammarly. Users can also download the app and install it on their computer to paste or copy-paste files on the field, to check for grammatical errors. , spelling and better reading.

Misspelled words are underlined, grammatical errors are underlined in blue, while sentence structure is weak and text is poorly marked.

The extension of the browser will check more used words, ambiguous phrases, inaccuracies, cliches, total reading of the article, etc.

ProWritingAid for Microsoft® Office

Managing your ProWritingAid Account

While not as mobile as Grammarly, ProWritingAid is a great AI grammar and spelling checker for written content, priced at $30/month and $10/month for paid of the year.


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