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Why BTS is the most beloved band on the planet

HIDDEN March 05, 2023


In Greek mythology, the Sirens were mythical creatures with beautiful voices who lured sailors to their doom with their beautiful songs. The sailors, unable to resist the influence of the sounds of Sirens, will lead their ships towards the rocks, causing them to wreck themselves and sometimes get killed.

Just as the story of the Sirens drew the crew to their doom, the constant traffic of social media can waste people’s time and attention, distracting them from more worthwhile pursuits. . A while back, an Instagram Reel shows a group of Korean boys sporting neon blue, candy pink, purple and brown hair specially performing traditional dance routines to nineties Bollywood songs Chunari Chunari, featured on my social media feed. I was pleased to see how good the Bollywood song was in the group’s song.

The video features none other than the South Korean boy group BTS, consisting of seven members RM, J-Hope, Jimin, Suga, V, Jin and Jungkook. The original song featuring Salman Khan and Sushmita Sen was modeled and matched on a group of BTS videos for their 2019 hit single “Boy With Luv” video by Instagram user ‘FilmForFare’. I don’t know that Bollywood x BTS mashup video on Instagram is my Siren phone.

Social media is designed to be addictive. They use a set of algorithms designed to find what you want and keep posting. Their amazing features make it easy to quickly upload multiple videos or posts in a row. Users are often advised of special features, and in most cases the same videos are played automatically, reducing the chance for errors.

And just like my Instagram feed and long attention span was captured by endless BTS music videos and photos of concerts, awards shows, dance challenges, RUN BTS Web series, BTS: In the Soup, Bon Voyage and others. Every time I open Instagram, I find myself free-falling down a rabbit hole of catchy tunes, over-the-top performances, pictures of bands that are hanging out, and fan art. Yes, scrolling through Instagram Reels is addictive; the wonderful power of the internet and social media algorithms has done so.

For the most part, the power of K-pop, short for Korean pop, on the audience is due to the combination of melodies, fun melodies and beautiful South Korean performers, who spend a lot the years in special techniques to learn singing and dancing in synchronized. perfect. The whole person of the artist is carefully designed to the tee, under the guidance of the record label. Critics have called K-pop an all-encompassing act that is more than just a music genre. It samples the artist’s singing, dancing, rapping, makeup, personality, and computer usage.

The K-pop industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. His expertise in using technology and social media not only helped develop a business model but it also expanded the fan base in the global market. Media such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are used to update fans on concerts, music releases, scheduled events, and shopping for their favorite K-pop idols.

BTS is one of the biggest names in K-Pop music. Part of the band’s journey to success is due to their smart use of social media to create an ecosystem and a special relationship with fans. A proof of this statement is that BTS has accumulated many important things in the Guinness World Records, including the world record for the most followers on social media Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

BTS’s connection with its fans was shown when it first received the Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist in 2017. It was one of three categories voted by fans at the award show. and it is established based on the mass communication of fans and music including streaming and social. together, in addition to worldwide online voting. BTS has held the title for the past five years.

Not all media organizations can convey a customer base as loyal and cooperative as BTS fans and its use of social media. it has given rise to the growth of an unprecedented number of specialized languages. The K-pop band debuted in 2013, a time when social media was slowly gaining traction. BTS is seen as the first to use social media in the K-Pop industry. Their Twitter account was created in 2011 and the YouTube channel in 2012. BTS’s official YouTube channel, BangtanTV, includes Vlogs, music videos, live performances, interviews, covers, and behind-the-scenes footage. images from major films and events.

Aside from their singing, dancing, and creative talents, the power of social media has played an important role in BTS’s commercial success. A catchy combination of tunes, lyrics and rhythms that stay in the listener’s head, combined with signature dance moves provide the foundation on which the releases are based. general. It is often followed by popular dance challenges. Reasonable; “Dreamers” the official soundtrack of the 2022 FIFA World Cup sung by Jeon Jungkook of BTS at the opening ceremony in Qatar held on November 20, 2022. The song was recorded as part of the promotional album for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It was the first FIFA single to debut at number one on Billboards charts and move to the top of Apple iTunes’ music charts in less than 13 hours after four introduce the song.

On December 30, 2022, Allkpop reported that the BTS star soundtrack Dreamers surpassed one million reels on Instagram and became the ‘most used soundtrack’ on Instagram. This is the first song in K-pop history to do so and continues to show the popularity of the song among the BTS members even after the international tour.

BTS on the internet gets millions of views from loyal fans, also known as ARMY which stands for Adorable Representative MC for Youth. Despite being produced in Korea, the global impact of BTS music and the internet is unique. The BTS ARMY often works as a network of unpaid translators, producing English subtitles and texts of their content. They translate lyrics, social media and many of the group’s videos, connecting BTS with their non-Korean audience. Translation of social media stories – using everything from songs and videos to members’ social media – is a this is the perfect example of the symbiotic relationship between BTS and ARMY. BTS has also acknowledged that their fans are the main reason for their success. As a result, hardly a concert or award show goes by without BTS thanking the ARMY for helping them get to where they are. there.

However, industry experts attribute BTS’s success in gathering so many loyal fans to a well-thought-out strategy by the company. South Korean broadcaster Hybe. The company was founded as a label in 2005 called Big Hit Entertainment. Big Hit launched BTS in 2013. The band’s popularity coincided with the growth of the media company, which constantly found new ways to to publish content, reach audiences, and generate interest in BTS both internally and externally.

According to a research paper published by Harvard Business School, Hybe also revealed that BTS ARMY fandom has become the future of entertainment “Fans used to be accepted, but now they are growing into and strong support to help the artist grow”.

Hybe has taken great care in developing these interesting interpretations. Weverse is a Korean mobile and web site that focuses on hosting social media content, official updates and artist-to-fan interaction. It’s complemented by a digital marketplace Weverse Shop, which sells stocks for Weverse content and special craft stores. All these digital products are owned by Hybe company. Through Weverse, BTS offers pay-for-play content to supplement content already on YouTube. Online content engages subscribers by giving them access to exclusive content and participating in live broadcasts, where fans can ask questions in real time and get answers. . Live streaming is highly interactive as it allows people to see and respond to comments from fans in real time. On Weverse, all interactions between artists and fans (and among fans) can be translated into almost two languages.

“We are an exciting business,” Weverse President Joon Choi told Reuters. “There are many services around the world that offer the work we offer, but Weverse’s users are special people who show passion.”

Before Weverse launched in 2019, HYBE’s artists were scattered across multiple platforms, Choi said.

“They were shopping here, watching videos there, connecting somewhere else… We didn’t have a record of our customers. So we started developing each service in-house.”

BTS is expert in the art of stories on social media. According to the K-Pop blog Lost K-Pop Fangirl, “BTS seems to have mastered the art of creating and developing their parasocial. [sic] relationships with their fans” by “willingly and consistently interacting with them through social media.”

The term ‘para-social connection,’ refers to a feeling of closeness, usually between a fan and a celebrity. The celebrity notices the celebrity through entertainment, social media, etc., and feels like they know them, even though just seeing a false part is not the same as knowing. one’s personal The celebrity, of course, usually has no idea they exist.

The Lost K-Pop Fangirl blog goes on to say, “So, it’s not surprising that many BTS shows that Big Hit Entertainment made for ARMY are used. Watching episodes of BTS cooks, sees their rooms and even attends their graduations, all contribute to building a social relationship that ARMY believes is they have something ‘very special’ with BTS.Therefore, fans are eager to break records for them and make their music popular.

Social media sites are important channels for any fan. Because these platforms allow them to use the media about their favorite K-pop and share their interests. This sharing can range from fan-art, fanfiction, YouTube compilations, Instagram edits and even memes. This is what fans do when they post on social media to contribute to the popularity of a band due to the large number of fans. to ‘do’ by finding things made by fans; it’s different from being a fan of just liking their music.

Reba Shahid is a professional writer and editor who enjoys reading and writing about information technology, the internet and social media. All information and comments are solely the responsibility of the author.


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