Sanam, Mohib officially announced their marriage

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Sanam, Mohib officially announced their marriage

Congratulations for Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza! The couple put to rest all rumors about their relationship when they officially announced their marriage on television. Appearing on Fahad Mustafa’s cricket show, the actors also talked about their married life.

up The Fourth Kingdom, Fahad asks Sanam if everyone should now congratulate Sanam on her marriage and nods his head. Of the Ishrat: Made in China the actors kept their lives private until recently when Mohib said they were “engaged” on a podcast. Sanam also shared a photo of an engagement ring and several travel photos with her current husband on the photo-sharing app in an overview of her 2022.

Is there a place Sanam and Mohib would like to visit together, the cake star revealed that the couple has already checked that off their list. “Florence, Italy,” he said. Fahad, bringing his wisdom, also asks Sanam if men are like babies. “The secret is to give as much attention to your husband as you give to your child,” she said.

Sanam and Mohib were previously married and divorced. Mohib has a daughter Meissa with his ex-wife and actress Aamina Sheikh.

On new beginnings, Mohib opened up earlier this year on Munib Nawab’s podcast and said that he believes in second chances and living his life to the fullest. About his wife, he said, “Sanam means beloved and Mohib means love and rest is self-explanatory.” In some research, he added that it was difficult for both of them to trust each other again after everything they had been through but they found each other and realized that the happiness is a choice.

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