Ushna Shah stunned in an ivory sari for Valima

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Ushna Shah stunned in an ivory sari for Valima

Earlier this week, the main character Ushna Shah tied the knot with her lover Hamza Amin in a wedding ceremony in Karachi. On Friday, the newlyweds had their dinner during the day surrounded by their family and friends who attended.

Even though Ushna deleted her Instagram account after being “punished and merciless” on her big day, her current husband shared a glimpse of the action on his social media account. “My beautiful bride is ready for Valima,” wrote Hamza, while sharing a photo of the Habs star smiles happily and poses for the camera.

Dressed in an ivory sari, studded with dazzling diamonds, the actress looked stunning at her reception. Similar to her nikkah look, Ushna tied her hair back in a sleek bun with a beautiful floral embellishment. On the other hand, Hamza wore a black suit for the occasion, along with his wife’s beautiful dress.

“An official Amin,” wrote Hamza, a professional golfer, as he shared a video of him teaching his bride how to play golf at their reception. Later, some other people came to them, including Ushna Parizaad co-star, Ahmed Ali Akbar.

Before deleting his Instagram account, the Bashar Momin the actor posted a video with highlights from his wedding day to update his fans on his new journey in life. “Marry my nainon wala Maharaja (dream prince). I love you, man,” she captioned the post. “Thank you so much to our friends and family for flying in from all over the world. My sister Maha and my friends are my kind in putting this together.”

Ushna opted for a classic bridal look by Wardha Saleem and the accessories paired with her majestic lehenga choli brought out all the bling. However, her red wedding dress did not go down well with people on the internet and many took issue with the actress’s belly showing. The starlet, though, had a perfect answer for all the trolls and that was to mind their own business.

“(I) Mrs. Amen. For those who have a problem with my dress, you were not invited, you did not pay for the shade of my red. My jewelry and my jora (are) Pakistani rings. My heart, however, is half Austrian,” she said with a picture of her henna-ridden hands flashing a ring.

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