Mazepin was cleared to race in Europe

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Mazepin was cleared to race in Europe


Russian ex-Formula 1 driver Nikita Mazepin on Thursday it was confirmed to return to racing in Europe, a year after his career was suspended by Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

The 23-year-old Mazepin raced in the world championship for the Haas team which was financed by the Uralkali company owned by his father Dmitry.

His contract and sponsorship of the team were canceled at the start of the war.

The Supreme Court of the European Union on Thursday removed some of the sanctions against Nikita Mazepin, a decision that allows him to travel and try to rebuild his career on the continent.

He was admitted by the EU because his father’s company has “activities in sectors of the economy that are a major source of income” for Russia.

Thursday’s order prevents Mazepin from competing for a team with ties to his father or anyone already sanctioned by the EU.

“In case of employment” p F1 or any other motor sport held on the territory of Europe, Nikita Mazepin “must drive under a neutral flag and sign the declaration of drivers required by the International Automobile Federation in this regard,” said of the commitment.

Mazepin, who recently ran in Asia, welcomed the decision of the EU.

“I am very happy with this decision which gives me hope to resume my professional career in international motor racing,” he told AFP.

“I will do my best to make up for lost time and look forward to rejoining the sport I love, to which I have dedicated my life.”

His lawyers told AFP the order was a “rare” decision.

The Supreme Court held that Mazepin “has no way of being involved in the attacks that Ukraine has suffered and does not use any activity in the economic sector to obtain more income” in Russia.

“He maintained a neutral stance on the importance of a professional athlete,” the order added.

“The only request is to give him the opportunity to continue his work…without his father’s financial support.”


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