How to take care of your hair and skin after giving birth

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How to take care of your hair and skin after giving birth

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes a complete change, physically, emotionally and mentally. And despite the difficulty, such as the benefits of pregnancy for a woman, if ignored, the postpartum period can prove to be just as damaging.

After giving birth, new mothers often face many challenges, from adjusting to a new routine to dealing with physical changes, one of the common problems that many new mothers experience is of thinning hair and skin.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy and postpartum can cause hair loss, dryness, and dandruff. But with the right maternity hair and skin care, new moms can feel confident and beautiful during this exciting, yet challenging, time. said esthetician and esthetician Medha Singh.

Hydration is key

Singh, in association with Hindustan Timessaid, “The most common problem that women face after pregnancy is the amount of hair loss. It is understood that during pregnancy, a woman’s hair grows and begins to grow hair. which is new after pregnancy, it starts to fall to a point of depression. for women Hair loss after pregnancy does not lead to hair loss if it is appropriate food, nutrition and sleep during pregnancy.

Singh added that apart from internal care, external care is also important. “To prevent hair loss, it is necessary to clean the scalp because even if the human body consists of 70% water, it is only oil that satisfies the need for water it must be given to the body outside.”

It’s a skin care routine to stick with

Talking about postpartum skin care, Medha explained, “Another difference seen in women that is most noticeable after pregnancy is the change in skin texture. .” Singh said that, for this, the use of the body and the use of ubtan can help.

Ubtan it can be made from a mixture of mint and saffron and should be used daily after bathing. The correct method of application and removal of ubtan It should be known, either watching a video or reading on the internet because the wrong ways can get folliculitis. Many dermatologists find people who are pregnant women and they complain of severe adhesions or rapid shedding of the skin on their bodies, which can be due to incorrect use or errors. the choice of products while massage and inside. ubtan.

He added, “Do it ubtan It is not as simple as it seems, it should be a balanced mixture of well-researched products that match the body in that situation. After giving birth, many women experience acne due to the high level of inflammation and enlarged pores that attract bacteria that cause acne. In such cases, skin hygiene should be a top priority starting with using a cleanser as soon as you wake up, using face masks made from green tea and face masks .”

In conclusion, Singh cautioned that the consumption of antibiotics is not recommended at all. “Taking antibiotics can be proven to harm the baby, especially during breastfeeding. Every part of life has its own unique and beautiful problems, and we as humans must pay attention to them and deal with them in our own time to prevent any long-term damage.

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