Zuckerberg has quietly buried Metaverse

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Zuckerberg has quietly buried Metaverse

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has seriously buried the ‘front of technology’ – the Metaverse – as technology focuses on AI.

The Metaverse is a special social network that allows users to interact with each other in real time, as well as participate in live events and concerts, use special glasses and special announcements.

Believing that the Metaverse is the future, Zuckerberg invested time and money in the idea, only to be proven wrong with the introduction and launch of AI programs such as ChatGPT.

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The Reality Labs put all the work Metaverse and had a distribution of resources of nearly $ 24 billion alone, therefore, the loss of the failure of the concept must be huge, while rushing the CEO focuses on generative AI.

In a Facebook post, he said “We are creating a new category of high-end products at Meta focused on developing AI to drive our work in this area.”

“In the short term, we will focus on the creation of special and expressive tools,” he wrote. “In the long term, we focus on developing AI people who can help people in different ways.”

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Although the company will continue to produce VR headsets, it will now be for a more specialized market especially gamers, because the Metaverse is being quietly destroyed.


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