Bangwar said he wrote songs for Ariana, Nicki

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Bangwar said he wrote songs for Ariana, Nicki

Hazim Bangwar, the assistant commissioner for North Nazimabad, used to write songs and sell them to big names in music and Hollywood singers while in college to earn money. He revealed that he has worked with Nicki Minaj, Jesse J, and Ariana Grande to name a few.

Bangwar made a special appearance The Mathira Show where he talks about his upbringing in Britain, and the United States and why he left his comfortable life, which featured limousines and seals, to become a commissioner in Pakistan.

Which song did he write for the above singers, Bangwar called Minaj’s High school. “I wrote Nicki Minaj’s book High school and so, you sell songs. The same song was on his album, same and the rest is history,” he said.

Telling a bit about his life, Bangwar explained how his mind was always torn between art and education. He did his LLB with a bachelor’s in Fashion Marketing while working on his music career. “I did my LLB, then marketing systems and I was also signed to music labels. So there were records, travel, limousines and first class tickets, and I knew I was set. I know I did but when I visit Pakistan, the truth will hit.”

The 29-year-old exclaimed that the poor living conditions in Pakistan had brought him back. “I thought ‘I’m traveling first class in Emirates and here people struggle to travel on public buses. I’m eating the best food from the best restaurants and here there is nothing to eat people. ‘What am I doing?’ I ask myself. I was disconnected from my reality. Somehow, I felt like I was wasting time and not doing enough.”

The great talent commissioner shared that he decided to stop complaining about the difference in facts and gave the commissioner exam and passed. “I passed the test and came to the field. I started as Assistant Commissioner revenue in Central region and now I am Assistant Commissioner in North Nazimabad.”

Bangwar became an internet sensation after his photos went viral after news of his appointment came out. Users were happy to have an educated and handsome commissioner in their midst.

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