Are Shah Rukh and Salman Khan Bollywood’s most popular?

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Are Shah Rukh and Salman Khan Bollywood’s most popular?

Released in India on January 25, 2023, action thriller in Hindi Patan this is Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s first film after a four-year hiatus.

At the time of writing, it has grossed $122 million (€115 million) at the global box office, breaking several records in the process. Apart from being the highest grossing Hindi film of all time, it is the seventh highest grossing film of 2023 worldwide so far.

In a scene from the film, the 57-year-old, known as SRK, with his co-star Salman Khan in a role, refers to the lack of qualified representatives in the Hindi film industry.

Although it is meant as a joke, it is not far from the truth. Till now, Bollywood has not seen another star who has achieved the status of “Three Khans.” Consisting of Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir Khan – all in their late 50s and unrelated to each other – this trio has dominated the industry for years.

Bollywood’s dying season?

“There is definitely a sense of nostalgia attached to them, the feeling that they represent a gradual era of Hindi cinema. They have also spent years in the building a solid foundation of respectable people,” Rosheena Zehra, director and owner at the Keep it shorta short graphic novel, tell me DW.

Rosheena further explained how each Khan carved out a niche – Shah Rukh as the romantic king, Salman as the “bhai” or brother and Aamir as the genius – for a genre of cinema that was not established by a one of the later filmmakers.

All three started their film careers at the same time but their journeys were different. Aamir and Salman come from being royalty in Bollywood, but Shah Rukh is an outsider from the capital of India, New Delhi. Aamir gradually fell behind the other two in terms of number and popularity of movies.

Regardless of how their films are doing in the theaters or in the opinion of critics, the Khans enjoy great popularity among the audience. With their charming and larger-than-life personality, they have fans from all ages and walks of life.

Shah Rukh and Salman Khan often come out and stand on the stands built in their homes, called “Mannat” and “Galaxy,” and wave to their fans especially during like their birthdays or festivals like Eid. Tourists from Mumbai also often come to see their houses.

“For someone to be called a great person, there must be an element of illusion that if I climb on a viewing platform, there must be hundreds of people waiting for me to wave. to it. A great person needs illusion. There is also the belief that ‘If I make a film, people will come to see me’,” Abhishek Mande Bhot, writer and former number editor d GQ India said DW.

Shah Rukh was targeted by Hindus

College student Rashi* watched it with his group of friends Patan twice in a month. “We’re going to watch it a third time, and maybe a fourth!” Although he doesn’t get the hottest film, they will all watch for Shah Rukh Khan. “After what he went through with the arrest of his son and the crisis in the country, he has remained nothing but good and we want to show him our support ,” he said.

Shah Rukh’s son, Aryan Khan, was arrested and jailed on drug charges last year, though many believed the actor was wrongly focused on becoming a Muslim star. in a country where anti-Islam sentiment is growing.

Some backward sections of Hindus also objected to an internal chant Patan, where actress Deepika Padukone is seen wearing a saffron bikini. The color saffron is important to Hinduism, and some Hindutva groups have used it as the color of their flags.

The popularity of the Khans has often attracted the ire of Hindutva trolls on social media, and an increase in attacks against Muslims in India. Shah Rukh and Salman have largely avoided expressing their political views openly.

“A celebrity is also one who gives hope to the nation in these dark and turbulent times. In all these difficulties, SRK has maintained a dignified peace. Then in his film, he give us all one weekend. Can you imagine anyone else doing that?” Abishek asked.

What makes a ‘super’ star

As Indian cinema has become slicker and more fashionable, the Khans have adapted to the changing times and so have the younger generations.

“The Khans were also the first to know the importance of strength, all three of them worked to get the six packs, and looked believable as heroes. It’s a picture because it looks old,” the story said Abhishek.

Although there are young talented actors, such as Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh who are very popular and also actresses like Deepika and Alia Bhatt, the industry feels that they will not reach the stage. “superstardom” is thought to be short-lived.

The international pandemic and lockdown have become a problem for many Bollywood stars. With the growth of online streaming services, the Indian audience can now get entertainment that is better than traditional cinemas.

“New players have also revealed themselves on social media, taking away a lot of the myth of a superstar, the mystery and the aura that made them the most human. training night’ a last meal or a picnic it seems. Where’s the ‘super’ in that?” asked Rosheena. DW.

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