The final trailer for ‘Gulabo Rani’ is out

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The final trailer for ‘Gulabo Rani’ is out

We finally have the final trailer for Usman Mukhtar’s award-winning film Gulabo Rani. Starring Usama Javaid Haider in a lead role, Gulabo Rani will release on March 20th.

On Wednesday, Mukhtar shared a glimpse of his skeleton trailer on Instagram.

The clip starts with Haider’s poker face surrounded by flies and muffled music which transitions to a scary face and a scream in the background. From the scene, Haider is in a hostel and his friends are all joking about the “horror stories” of the house – until the joke turns.

Inspired by real events, Gulabo Rani, with its dark images and cold ice color invites the audience to “bear witness to those who have not witnessed it.” The background music keeps one on their toes at all times. From the storyboards to the windows and doors, hear the details and the old-school style of abandon and style. floating adds to the horror story.

From running for his life to following scary sounds and finding abandoned corners of his house, the clip ends with Haider on all fours, with bloodshot eyes, and evil smile again, calling himself Gulabo Rani. The film’s tagline “the main work of the crisis is done by the living” may be a reference to Haider’s changing personality — or maybe , there is an evil and menacing spirit haunting him in the inn.

Written by Mukhtar’s brother Meiraj Haq and his wife, Zunaira Inam Khan, Gulabo Rani stars Haider, Haq, Daniyal Khaqan Afzal, Omer Abdullah Khan and Natasha Humera Ejaz and features a special appearance by Khushhal Khan Khattak.

Last month, Mukhtar announced that his film won the Best Short Film Award at the LA Sci-Fi & Horror Festival 2022. Taking to Instagram on Thursday, he shared Sabaat posted a picture of his award, which said, “Leviathan Platinum Award 2022. ” He also wrote a heartfelt statement to express his feelings about the achievement. “Alhamdulillah! I’m so happy to announce that Gulabo Rani has won best film at the LA Sci-Fi & Horror Festival. I’m so proud of the whole team!” he wrote.

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