Forgive me for what I wore to my wedding: Ushna Shah

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Forgive me for what I wore to my wedding: Ushna Shah

Actress Ushna Shah got married this weekend to her beau, an Austrian golfer, Hamza Amin and although her big day was beautiful, it was interrupted by a few uninvited guests who spoiled the memory. for him. Shah previously mentioned a blogger for bringing one, a photographer who brought a drone when it was only for the first invitation. However, he has now issued an apology because he really wanted to “move on” from the violence.

Of the Habs An actress, who was “ruthlessly punished” because of the shade of red she wore, the type of dress and make-up, said it was not fair to her direct anger at the blogger, even if what he did was wrong. , because that was not the way he was raised.

“The shame I will face after this is not worth more than an apology. I would like to publicly apologize to AB Lakhany. He didn’t tell me, I don’t want to start my new journey with this thing weighing on my conscience,” he wrote in Instagram Story.

“I have no right to insult him on the internet. Even if he brings a photographer without permission, the world will not end.” A new bride, who controls a lot, a nikah violated by an unknown drone, the hundreds of thousands of trolling messages that took a toll on me and AB was just the last straw,” he added. from it while saying that many photographers snuck in. the wedding and used the blogger as a scapegoat.

However, Shah is deeply saddened by his loss. “In hindsight, I regret sharing my complaint online. I just needed a mental health day. Social media is a sword. What matters is the great man I married, the wonderful family I married, the beautiful day we had and the love we received. Back to the wedding celebration!” he concluded while asking his fans not to be mean to the blogger and to end it now.

In another Instagram Story, Shah confronted a photographer who released “unpleasant” pictures of her from her wedding and several doors were picked up. The photos led to a lot of hate and trolling against the actor.

“I apologized to AB just to save him from the car and I am being mercilessly abused for marrying my way, for trying so hard to stop my own shaadi, because I was angry because of my nikkah interrupted by a drone and for feeling violated,” he wrote and added that he received “hundreds of thousands of messages” pouring out anger when all he did was get married the way he wanted.

“This is more brutal. Please forgive me for wearing what I wore and for trying to protect what was supposed to be mine. I didn’t sign up for any of this. I bow out of this story,” concluded Shah.

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