Ushna Shah’s stunning red wedding dress in style

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Ushna Shah’s stunning red wedding dress in style

On Sunday, actress Ushna Shah made headlines for tying the knot with Pakistani-Austrian golfer Hamza Amin. She made headlines when her photos and wedding photos – many of them, without her permission – were posted online. Apparently, a blogger who was invited not only showed up with an extra but also brought a drone to capture intimate moments. However, even though her privacy was violated and she had to condemn the act on her wedding day, all the people of social media can talk about how “Indian” she looks. .

Shah looked dapper, by the way, in a classic pale red lehenga with a cut-out collar. She wore an embroidered belt to go and opted for a gold matha patti with heavy kundan jewellery, some studs and an elegant bangle, along with a classic red pole to complete the look. the face Many, though, took issue with the shade of red she was wearing while others took issue with her revealing belly.

Meanwhile, designer Wardha Saleem, who created the look, shared a video explaining the making of Shah’s bridal lehenga, which is sure to inspire the bride.

“When we first met [Shah] for a bridal interview, she was very specific about what she wanted to wear,” Saleem revealed in the video. “She wanted something Mughal-inspired, a classic red bridal look. We went through a lot of red together to complete what she wore,” he added.

Saleem says he treats his brides like ‘clothes’. “I’ve practiced many complex routines. We have used it kora, dabqa, and naqshi work,” he said. Sharing details of the lehenga trend, the gym continued, “We have also used resham work to add some color. On one of the borders, we have used a lot of Mughal inspiration, viz dolls, elephant-shaped, this is our signature, deer-shaped, banana-shaped. We also used lotus motifs with ours chand bala motif. We also used skin grafting work to create a better look.

At first, the actress responded to those who threatened her on her wedding day by saying: “Those who have a problem with my dress – you are not invited. , you didn’t even pay for my red shade. [which was] Pure Pakistan. My heart, however, half-Austrian. Allah humein khush rakhey aameen (May God keep us happy).”

There is no denying that Shah looks stunning in marriage and no anger should stop her from celebrating her uniqueness and yes, her love life.

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