Kaifi thanks her ‘broken families’ for loving ‘Kahani Suno’

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Kaifi thanks her ‘broken families’ for loving ‘Kahani Suno’

Kaifi Khalil has become a real sensation on the internet and his work is going worldwide and popular even after months of its release. The music video for Kahani Suno 2.0 is now number eight worldwide with over 114 million views – and the singer is thankful.

On Sunday, Khalil posted a screenshot of the YouTube page for his song that showed the large number of views and classification of the film around the world. “Thank you God and thank you all very much for your pure love and support. Sending lots of love and prayers for all my fans,” he wrote.

The singer vowed that he would always write what he felt for his “broken families.” He added, “Mai hamesha shukar guzar rahunga aur hamesha koshish karunga ke ap sub ke liye hamesha likhta rahun jo mai mehsus karta hoon apke liye (I will always be grateful and I will always try to write my feelings for you all.) Love you all my broken families.” In the end, he extended his love and respect to his “master” Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan.

Even though the soulful song was released last year, it hasn’t dampened the passion surrounding it! Last month, Khalil’s sizzling tune earned a spot on the world’s top music video chart on YouTube. The Kana Yaari crooner posted a screenshot of the music video to confirm the episode that featured the song which reached the 55th ranking. He also added a personal note to express his gratitude for achieving this milestone.

“Thank you so much for giving my story a voice! All my love and prayers to everyone who supported me throughout my career,” wrote Khalil.

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