Twitter praises ‘Kuch Ankahi’ for spoiling examples

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Twitter praises ‘Kuch Ankahi’ for spoiling examples

Nadeem Baig’s Kuch Ankahi continues to break brands in the most subtle ways with each item and has fans! Pakistani dramas have been known to feature some “mother-in-law violence” but that’s not the case anymore. The family drama played opposite the actress Annie Zaidi (Alema) who closed a noisy-humiliating family Qudsia Ali (Tanya).

A user shared a photo of Annie (Salman’s mother) politely giving a shut-down call to a woman who was explaining Qudsia’s weight and how she would get “good marriages” if she lost some weight. heavy. So, Annie says that God will make a match and Tanya will get the best she deserves.

“Salman’s mother has once again proved why she will be the best MIL in the future. Aaliya is one lucky girl!” write the user. “How respectful that he shut down the pressure of the family to humiliate the girl, in her house where the family is resting.”

Another user appreciated how the drama handled sensitive characters. “This is how Kuch Ankahi tells you what is right and what is wrong without throwing it in your face. Salman’s mother told the woman who Tanya’s body image is the best example. We don’t need 100 pages of long speeches, just one well-mixed conversation is enough.”

A tweep liked Annie’s feminine personality. “I love Salman’s mother as she is a breath of fresh air in the age of aunties who love to scare others, especially little girls.”

One fan found the scene “comforting” to watch. “Salman’s mother is very non-judgmental and good. The way he brushed off that woman’s comment about Taniya’s weight by saying ‘Allah ne sabke joray banaye hein. Jisne krni hogi other haal mein krlega,’ This scene was so heartwarming to watch.”

One user wrote, “It’s special moments like these that make Kuch Ankahi one of the most heartwarming shows out there.” Sharing another clip from the same event, a user refers to women being discriminated against for skin color and weight all the time and those conversations are the most exhausting with my parents.

“Haven’t all of us, the girls, had one or the other kind of conversation with our mothers/families? Somehow, we don’t have the right weight or beauty,” the tweet read.

However, yesterday’s film had more than one scene that surprised fans. Users also wrote about Agha Jaan (Muhammad Ahmed) and his elder daughter Samiya (Mira Sethi) heartwarming dialogue.

“Kuch Ankahi has won my heart again! Agha Jaan explains her POV without putting down her husband in front of her children. He knows he is wrong but the way he explains his mistakes in judgment to Samiya – very touching, painful and free of poison,” read a tweet.

Another user appreciated that Agha Jaan gave Samiya the opportunity to make her own decision while advising her on her options and reassuring her that she is behind to him.

Last but not the least, Sajal Aly and Bilal Abbas Khan’s budding romance has got the fans in a “chokehold”. According to this person, no one is moving away from their welcoming view of the house with its soft music and the usual banter.

“They channeled that old-school attitude that we rarely see on TV. Needless to say, I won’t be leaving the terrace scene anytime soon.

Another tweep feels that Bilal has “happy eyes” and many agree.

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