No one wants to experience horror movies: Usman Mukhtar

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No one wants to experience horror movies: Usman Mukhtar

Usman Mukhtar latest offer, Gulabo Rani, has become the talk of the town recently. The dramatic short film won several international awards, including 4 awards at the Independent Shorts Awards in Los Angeles. But, in an interview with Arabic NewsMukhtar revealed that this trip was no walk in the park.

The director shared that it is very difficult to find a “heroic” actor in Pakistan who wants to try horror films in the midst of a local community that loves comedy.

“There is room for all types [in Pakistan] but the problem is, we don’t get people to install such pictures,” said Mukhtar. “We’ve done a romantic comedy, so everyone does that. In between, a great filmmaker comes along who wants to make a good movie, but we’ve kept horror at a distance. . [for a long time]. No one wants to practice fear.”

Of the Sabbath the actor also revealed that he had no idea that his short film would win awards. He said, “When we did it [the movie], we didn’t think we’d be posting on photo tours. Now, we have won nine awards for it.” His wife, Zunaira Inam Khan, the author of Gulabo Rani, wanted to take the horror genre seriously. [sub-continent],” he told the publication.

Khan also shared that the story is based on a true incident that inspired Mukhtar to make horror films. He also added that “the writing was built on what happened and made the freedom of creativity,” but the basic principle is true. “It was important to create a film that reflects what a good horror film should be [look like]. It’s not just fun or jump scares. To stay true to the essence of the story, we want to tell it and just focus on the real horror, horror,” said Khan.

“The main work of horror is done by living people,” the film says. The 35-minute short film is about the life of a young man living in a dilapidated branch of an old university dormitory. There, he encounters terrifying, tragic, and supernatural secrets that will change him forever.

The short film stars Usama Javaid Haider, Meiraj Haq, Daniyal Khaqan Afzal, Omer Abdullah Khan and Natasha Humera Ejaz in pivotal roles.

Gulabo Rani It will be released on YouTube in March 2023 for viewers in Pakistan, as it is Arabic News.

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