2 Pakistani films selected for Cannes Film Festival 2023

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2 Pakistani films selected for Cannes Film Festival 2023

The world map continues to be marked in 2023. Cannes Film Festival has recently announced the list of nominees for January and not including one, but two Pakistani films: Noordirected by Umer Adil and Pechana by Mohammad Ahsan.

Taking to Instagram, the film’s official team shared the list of nominees for 2023. “We are happy to announce the nominees for January 2023! Thank you all! We will announce all wins in the near future,” read the description of the post.

The statement also revealed that a few undisclosed films have already won awards. It said, “Some categories have direct winners who are not present today and will be announced on the same day as all the other winners!”

According to Adil’s Instagram, the photo Noorwhich is chosen for the Best Health Brands a “local narrative that reveals a world where many still struggle with traditional stories and taboos, especially children, who suffer much in their weakness and innocence.” Written by Farah Usman, the film also features Sarwat Gilani, Omair Rana, Tanisha Shameem, Mizna Waqas and Tasneem Ansari in pivotal roles.

A lot of information about Pechana is under the packaging, chosen for the Best Human Rights Film Awards at the festival.

Among others, Sugar Rush by Valentino Flimon, Soon or Later by Karim Mohammad Amini, My Gift by Johannes Arro, Unhappy by Tony Pham, Family by Shari Coleman and Family by Jad Chatila was also shortlisted.

The official website of the Cannes Film Festival states that “each month’s winners are automatically entered into the annual competition for a chance to win a traditional metal plaque,” and have the opportunity to have their films in Cannes, the capital of the world. Movies.

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