No one can face adversity like Zia: Khalid Ahmed

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No one can face adversity like Zia: Khalid Ahmed

The tribute to Zia Mohyeddin began with a lively discussion about his legacy


“My biggest concern is if we can keep the legacy left by Zia Mohyeddin,” said director Khalid Ahmed at the Zia Mohyeddin Festival held at the National Academy of Performing Arts (Napa). The festival started on Wednesday evening and will continue until Saturday.

The four-day commemoration is a tribute to Napa’s long-time founder and president, Zia Mohyeddin who died on February 15 at the age of 91. directors and teachers.

Joining the panel on Wednesday were Board members Syed Jawaid Iqbal, Javed Jabbar, Dr Ishrat Husain, Arshad Mahmood, Mahtab Rashdi and Head of Theater Arts in Napa, Khalid Ahmad.

“Just three days ago, I was rehearsing a play with some Napa students, and a thought came to me, ‘If someone today makes a mistake in his interpretation, no fear of retribution’. It’s a heartbreaking feeling, knowing. Zia Mohyeddin is not above our heads, correcting us, helping us,” Ahmed said.

He believes it will be a challenge for Napa to match Mohyeddin’s talent and legacy. “Organizations are built over years of effort but they don’t take long to destroy,” he said. “We live in a society where we have destroyed many of our institutions because of abuse, it spreads quickly here and it is accepted and celebrated in society.”

Speaking about the same thing, Rashdi said the way b Bombay Talkie the actor touched many hearts in his life. “Just walking through Napa you often wonder who the boss is. Zia was a public figure who inspired many people. Many wanted to meet him, others looked up to him. to him. He was known to give life to words. see many artists throughout our lives, but Zia had a special quality that is rare among us: professionalism,” he said. this.

He clarified further, “Whenever he sits with our board, he does not interfere or try to force his views on others, we, he should be asked to speak first, and then his opinion on the matter should be given. He’s a soft-spoken guy who makes everyone happy.”

Rashdi concludes his essay by focusing on Mohyeddin’s importance in the cultural landscape of Pakistan. “We have not really accepted the absence of Zia Mohyeddin, as a result of an accident, which did not come to us in pain, but slowly, the wounds will appear. feeling the emptiness left by Zia, if not now, soon.”

Jawaid also revealed how Zia introduced a unique artist. He said, “Being a bilingual speaker, he was able to understand both languages, English and Urdu, without mixing them and that will always stand him out. from others.”

Rashdi is also a big fan of his speaking skills, “Everyone has a unique way of speaking, but the preservation of a language requires people to stick to its languages, and that’s what was done.” by Zia. He valued Urdu like no other and when he spoke in a room full of people, he left everyone in awe.”

Javed recalled Mohyeddin’s ability to easily explain complex concepts. “It’s a pleasure to see how he blurs the lines of the traditional gulf that exists between literature and the masses.
Before the ceremony ended, a recorded message from the famous Indian actor Mahesh Bhatt was played for the audience. “Zia Mohyddyin had a smile that filled the air with hope and love,” he said. “Once I visited Pune to review the performance of a play that was changed from Papa and Zia was also there. However, after watching the show, many of us gave gave them unkind criticism, except for Zia. Zia told me, ‘It’s good, they will improve in time’.”

“A true artist is one who has a generous spirit and always finds the good in others like Zia. His spirit brought us together and brought back cultures that had drifted away from each other, ” Bhatt said before the video ended.

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