British ministers have announced plans for the regulation of football

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British ministers have announced plans for the regulation of football


British ministers said on Wednesday they intend to establish an independent football authority to oversee the financial sustainability of the men’s game in England, with powers to prevent clubs from joining separate leagues.

The government will publish its white paper on football management on Thursday, confirming that it will work on a recommendation from the 2021 draft evaluation of football to create a regulator.

The chief executive will oversee a licensing system to ensure clubs continue to operate, following the relegation of Bury’s lower league side and Macclesfield in recent years.

It can also step in and force the court if the Premier LeagueThe English Football League and the Football Association (FA) cannot reach a new agreement on how the money on the plane supports the game at the lowest levels.

The government believes that the power of the administration will be balanced in a way that does not reduce the competition and economic strength of the Premier League.

The licensing system will establish a veto power for fans in matters of club heritage, preventing owners from changing the club’s name, stadium, badge or the box without sponsorship, and powers to prevent clubs from participating in new competitions that do not meet the standards, in consultation with the FA and fans.

The organization of the European Super League in April 2021 provoked anger among the supporters and prompted the government to announce its plan to order the review to be led by the team.

The government also plans to introduce a new test of owners and directors, based on the ability and integrity of new owners and performance. the research.

At the moment, it is unclear whether there will be a human rights element to the trial, despite calls for one from Amnesty International during the Saudi-led Newcastle regime.

According to the government, more negotiations will be held, with plans to bring forward legislation to be announced as soon as Parliament is open.

Mark Bullingham, the head of the FA, said that his body welcomed the white paper “and its commitment to improving the financial and governance of professional clubs.”

“Our response will reflect an important point made repeatedly by the Fan Led Review, in which the professional sports community recommended increased funding for the grassroots game,” said Bullingham.

“The players, referees, coaches and volunteers in national football are the foundations of the English game, and it is vital that an independent manager recognizes and supports the long-term health of the game as a whole.”

A white paper is a consultative document that can form legislation.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: “Despite the success of the game at home and abroad, we know there are real challenges that threaten the stability of clubs big and small.

“These strong new initiatives will put fans back at the heart of football, protect the rich heritage and traditions of our most beloved clubs and protect the beautiful game for future generations.”


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