Fourth DRS zone makes F1 Australian GP fastest

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Fourth DRS zone makes F1 Australian GP fastest


A fourth DRS zone will ensure a faster Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park with cars reaching speeds of 340kph (211mph), race director Andrew Westacott said.

The decision to add another DRS section is one of the regulatory changes made by the Formula 1 Commission late Tuesday ahead of the The new season begins with tests in Bahrain this week.

A fourth DRS zone – the most at any Grand Prix – was implemented in Melbourne following a circuit change last year, but was removed before the race on safety grounds because concerns from some drivers.

DRS, which stands for drag reduction, was first introduced in 2011, with drivers able to unlock a button on the wing. rear end to increase top speed and aid in maneuverability in sections of the track.

But now it is installed again, pushing the race to the circuit, which will host the third Grand Prix of the season, to new levels.

“It will be the fastest we’ve ever had,” Australian Grand Prix boss Westacott told the Melbourne Herald Sun this week before the DRS move was officially confirmed.

He predicted that cars will reach speeds of up to 340 kph on April 2, with record times expected to fall.

“You have the improved cars from last year, and they are definitely better, and the fourth DRS zone means that the cars behind the the tournament,” he said.

“It will definitely increase the speed and reduce the race time and make it the fastest and highest speed Grand Prix in Melbourne.”

The fourth DRS will allow more opportunities to approach the newly designed turn 11 – the long straight of the track. cycle.

In addition to Melbourne, changes will be made to the DRS zone in Bahrain, Jeddah, Baku and Miami to make it easier to pass or make it more difficult at rounds that are not considered challenging enough, the authorities said. the game.


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