Alia Bhatt’s photos have been leaked, the actress warned the Mumbai Police

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Alia Bhatt’s photos have been leaked, the actress warned the Mumbai Police

On Tuesday, Indian celebrity Alia Bhatt took to her social media to express her displeasure with the paparazzi leaking her private photos. A page shared Alia’s clicks in her living room, visible from a window of her home. The pictures were taken from a neighboring house. The shared post on an Indian store is no longer available.

Sharing a screenshot of the post showing the photos in a now-deleted Instagram Story, Alia wrote, “Are you kidding me? I was at inside my house and having a normal afternoon in my living room when I felt something watching me. I looked up and saw two men on the terrace of my neighbor’s house and hand me a camera!” Of the Gangubai Kathiyawadi The actor asked, “In what world is that okay and acceptable? This is a terrible invasion of someone’s privacy. There’s a line you can’t cross and it’s safe to say you crossed all the lines today!” Alia went on to tag Mumbai Police in her book.

Many of his contemporaries expressed their disdain at the lengths to which some people would go to practice in the name of the report. Fellow actors Anushka Sharma and Jahnvi Kapoor also shared their own experiences of having their privacy violated in a similar way. Sharing a picture of Alia’s Story, Anushka snapped, “This is not the first time they have done this. About two years ago we called them for the same reason! You’d think they’d be more respectful of people’s space and privacy. What a shame! They were also the only people who posted pictures of our daughter despite repeated requests.”

Janhvi recalled how the same portal shared pictures of her clicked through the glass door of the gym while she was exercising. “This is very disturbing. This issue has done many things like this. Including, despite my repeated requests, I was arrested without my knowledge; in the gym I go while working out through the glass door. In a space that should be private, where no one thinks to take pictures.”

He added, “I understand showing up in places, and seeing clearly how to do your work. Where is the understanding of the work of photographers, and the work and needs of to be public. This is privacy, approaching into someone’s personal space without their permission or identifying it as private. the author’s achievement is far from it.”

Arjun Kapoor called it what it is – stalking. He wrote, “It’s so shameless. It’s crossing all limits if a woman doesn’t feel safe in her own home. Forget whether she’s a public person or not for a second. sane people who take pictures of people in public for a living. know this is deplorable behavior & these are people in the media we trust & show full faith in believing they are are here to do a job not to intimidate women or attack people personally.

Karan Johar also said, “There is no justification for this terrible invasion of privacy. Everyone from the entertainment industry is always for the media and the paparazzi and it is welcome. But there should be a limit! This is about everyone’s right to feel safe in their own home!It’s not about actors or celebrities it’s a human right. “

Swara Bhasker also called at the door. “This is shameless and a criminal violation of Alia Bhatt’s privacy and it’s totally wrong. And you.”

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