Malala Yousafzai, Ranveer Singh at the NBA All Stars Weekend

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Malala Yousafzai, Ranveer Singh at the NBA All Stars Weekend

Thousands of celebrities attended the NBA All Stars Weekend 2023 in Utah, including Ben Affleck, Hasan Minhaj, Chris Tucker, Vin Diesel, Post Malone and Lindsey Vonn.

The all-star game had everything you could want as an NBA fan, from the LeBron banter between Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley. However, one aspect that caught the attention of desis all over the world was Malala Yousafzai’s meeting with Ranveer Singh!

1. Malala, Ranveer twisted shoulders

Take it to Instagram, the Circus star shared many photos from his experience at the All-Stars event, including a glimpse of his meeting with the Nobel Peace Prize-winning activist and his husband, Asser Malik. In the picture, Ranveer is seen standing next to the couple, holding his hand to take a selfie, while the other two are standing for the shot. Dressed in a long check coat with oversized pants, the Indian stuck to her stylish look.

2. The power couple

Apparently Malala and Asser also liked the American League. Dressed in oriental attire, Malala stunned in a green kurta with a red dupatta on top. She also accessorized her dress with beige heels and a watch. On the other hand, her better half chose to wear a simple black suit.

Detailing his experience, Asser wrote a heartfelt letter on Instagram. “All-Stars Weekend is an amazing experience. Being a basketball fan, watching LeBron James, Karim Abdul Jabbar and Karl Malone together is an unforgettable experience. Not forgetting all the other incredible stars there, ” he said. In the end, he also congratulated his wife. “Also, impressed with how my husband handled his heels on the field,” he said.

3. Ranveer Singh’s love for NBA stars

Even though it is Ranveer who gets the crowd to shout endlessly in front of the public, this is the moment when the game is definitely on. Excited by the presence of brilliant superstars in the event, the Simmba Star took to her Instagram Story to share her feelings. “Oh my God, what happened?” read the description in his first Story, before his followers bombarded him with pictures of his favorite NBA stars.

“Meeting LeBron was overwhelming. It happened by chance and it happened randomly. To exchange energy and, to be in the front, and to know the aura of such a sports icon was the most important moment for me. It was make me King. James fan for 20 years!” he also wrote down in another Instagram post.

4. Actors, singers, and basketball players

Ranveer also met many famous American entertainers. From the sight and the Fast & Furious Star tied Vin to the famous rap artist 2 Chainz, the main character was quite a night. Other famous people who appeared on his Instagram account are Janelle, Chris, and former basketball champion Pau Gasol.

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