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Google reinvents the use of the mind

The popular browser Google Chrome has finally taken steps to solve the long-standing issue of memory storage with the new Chrome 110 update which will be four reduces RAM usage by up to 30% and improves web performance.

Compared to Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge, Chrome has struggled with improved memory, despite the release of an update that pushed the buttons back. First leaked in version 108, the update is still rolling out worldwide for everyone.

Memory Saver will save up to 30% more RAM, by freeing memory from inactive buttons, and refreshing the button when it is visited. Users can specify which tabs they want to free from Memory Saver, especially frequently visited tabs.

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The Energy Saver feature in the update works best for battery-powered devices using the venerable browser. The notification will appear when the device reaches 20% percent of the battery, limiting background activity and visuals for websites or the browser itself.

Chrome 110 update is available now and can be downloaded from the Chrome browser or directly from Google.


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