‘You season 4’: Joe Goldberg’s infamous charm seems to be fading

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‘You season 4’: Joe Goldberg’s infamous charm seems to be fading

Finding out that the next season of Netflix’s You dropped recently made me as excited as any other Joe Goldberg fan. As soon as the notification popped up on my phone, I ran to watch my favorite character in his secret and romantic endeavors. However, to my greatest dismay, things did not turn out as expected. Like all previous seasons, I was hoping to watch the whole show at some point, but everything felt a little tired, so a few breaks in between did the trick. Surprisingly, this is a television show that promises to bring a psychological thriller that is unmatched in the first installment. Perhaps, the second part will provide the juice to strengthen the entire season. Spoilers Ahead! In Season 4, Goldberg set foot in London under the guise of a new identity, Professor Jonathan Moore. As expected, the love interest is more attached to another beautiful woman, Kate, who runs a fashion studio and is played by Charlotte Ritchie. Unexpected things happen when the famous killer realizes that this time, he is the target and not the other way around. On the other hand, one can’t deny that the season has always had its own flawed story and that each episode ended with a major twist; but, as an audience, you missed the overwhelming feeling of watching a nail-biter. To fully measure the latest season, here are the five best episodes of the first episode that will make or break the show. Goldberg is not the star of the show In season 4, Goldberg is more concerned with finding demons in others than struggling with his own conscience. The presence of a new killer in town – an unusual stranger who is looking at the Oxford circle of rich people – is what drives the whole plot forward. This season did not focus on Joe and his new hobby, rather, it focused more on the elite people around Joe. Maybe that’s what got the first episode off the ground. Compared to the high character of Love Quinn in the last two seasons, the first few episodes did not have characters that stood out in the plot. Due to the situation of the ice queen Kate, the loving father of Adam (Lukas Gage), the lady Phoebe (Tilly Keeper) with a sensitive personality, and Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers) poor-living in the past who making him the black sheep of the group, it seemed like the whole team. straight out of a teen drama show like Elite or Pretty Boys; based on spoiled rich people. Moreover, even with a melodramatic choice of characters, the plot was developed rather weakly, with each character "shocking revelation" you whisper to yourself, ‘Oh, I wouldn’t have guessed this’. Many fans also took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the new season. One user said, "Not only was You season 4, episode 1 boring, but it also introduced a lot of new characters who were unrelatable, inexplicable, and useless because they didn’t try to be interesting. They completely destroyed Marianne’s presentation. I’m really wondering what the end of season three is all about?"

Not only did you not like season 4 pt 1, but it also introduced a lot of new characters that were unrelatable, inexplicable, and pointless bc they didn’t even try to be entertaining. they are such a waste im really wondering what the s3 finale means — sandra oh emmy campaign manager (Alabi Newscaptnmarvl) February 9, 2023 Posted by another tweep, "It’s like they completely changed the direction of this season like everything is random and has nothing to do with previous seasons except Joe is Joe."

it’s like they completely changed the direction of this season like everything is so random and has nothing to do with the previous seasons other than joe o joe. — sandra oh emmy campaign manager (Alabi Newscaptnmarvl) February 9, 2023 The monotonous Badgley There’s no doubt that the last five episodes of You Season 4 are Penn Badgley’s best performances to date, but his passion to find true love in the midst of committing and solving murders. grow a bit monotonous. Although at the end of the first part, Joe also knows this, but he still needs to develop respect for another killer to reduce the risk of idolatry. "one."

London just innit It is important to note that everything was more wild in the previous season, from people and murders to even the big city – the whole situation turned the series into a new beginning. But because of a big change, it is more difficult to find a story that can keep people on the hook until the end, as it was done in the first few seasons and it seems that this is the best causing the 4th season to drop. Keeping Love Let’s be real here, love for Love is what keeps the show alive. Although fans may not have liked the first episode of the season, the teaser for the upcoming episodes aired in March has everyone on social media in awe. In the one-minute trailer, Quinn showed up and that was enough for people to give the series another chance to redeem itself.

"I have watched the first episode of You season 4 and all I can say is that I miss Love," commented one fan on Twitter, while another said, "You season 4 is so wrong. What happen? Hard to watch. I really hate everyone except Rhys. Kate is so angry, she just kills him. The rich people of London are all mad, and I don’t care if they die or who kills them. We need Love Quinn."

your season 4 is so bad. what happened. it’s barely watchable. I really hate everyone except rhys. Kate is a terrible makeup artist. just kill him. the rich of london are all angry & i don’t care if they die or who kills them. we need love quinn back pic.twitter.com/O5sBE9Wrqg — ani (Alabi Newsbeaarthur85) February 12, 2023

"This season 4 of You Are the Best, bring Love back from the dead!" write another user. this season 4 YOU are unscathed, bring love back from the dead — MM6 (Alabi NewsSAINT4POTUS) February 10, 2023 You may have neglected to maintain his strong position this half of the season but it looks like the parts upcoming that Goldberg can take. take a step back from London and review his past, which was left early last season. Anything to add to the story? Share in the comments below.

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