Humayun Saeed on the close view of the Crown

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Humayun Saeed on the close view of the Crown

Netflix’s Tthe crown it may be Humayun Saeed’s biggest achievement in his ten-year career but it also sparked a controversy on social media due to a close scene between his character, Dr Hasnat Khan and Elizabeth Debicki’s Diana.

In a recent appearance on the talk show, The Executive DirectorSaeed was asked about a specific perspective The King which went viral online among Pakistanis.

During the show, Qasim Sheikh took his chance and asked Saeed, “Ap ki jou aik series ayi hai The KingPakistan mein super-duper hit sirf woh aik scene ki wajah se hui hai, ap samaj rahe hain na kiss scene ki wajah se hui hai (You worked in The King which was the biggest hit here because of his one scene, you know which scene I’m talking about)?”

Taking a short break, Saeed asked confused, “Kiss scene ki wajah se (Which scene are you referring to)?” In response to this, Sheikh asked again, “Kiss scene ki baat kar raha hoon, samaj tou gaye hoongaye ap (You know the scene I’m talking about).”

Hearing this, Saeed came up with an unfinished story. “Usmein aik scene tha jismein aisa lagta hai ke mein kar raha hoon, lekin yeh sach nahi hai (Well, there was one scene where it looked like I was doing that, but that was not the case).” answered Saeed laughing.

“Kya kar rahe hou (What are you doing)?” asked the host again teasing him. “Working, acting kar rahe hain ap (You were acting, right)?”

“Hi kar raha hoon, lekin mein nahi kar raha acting (I am working, yes, but I am not acting),” replied the Meray Paas Tum Ho actor.

Moving on, co-host Sheikh posed another question for Saeed. He asked, “Qoam yeh jana chahti hai ke apko kaisa laga (Does the world want to know how you feel after doing that scene)?”

“Muhjay acting achi lagi, larki ki (I like my co-star’s acting),” replied Saeed with a burning voice, without revealing any details.

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