No place for forced marriage in the modern world: Jemima

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No place for forced marriage in the modern world: Jemima

It’s like a Jemima Khan movie. What does Love do? nearing its worldwide release in theaters, the author himself sat down for an interview with the Gulf News recently to talk about his thoughts on the movie, modern love and arranged marriages.

Talking about her view of rom-coms, she said, “I’m sick of romantic comedies, I feel like they’ve ruined my whole life and that includes my friends’ lives!”

Moving on, Jemima also revealed how she got the idea for the script. “It came from an idea I had ten years ago when I returned from Pakistan to London in my thirties. I spent a lot of time thinking about marriage when I saw many successful relationships with my first husband (Former premier Imran Khan) extended family, which was very uncertain. Our marriage was just not arranged, “he said.

He continued, “At that time, I had many friends who wanted to settle down and have children but it was difficult to do the process. , so who will your parents choose for you? And if it doesn’t work out, let me do your wedding for you. instead of that it was an arranged marriage?’ How do I get to the point where I accept it? How many heartaches or frogs do I have to kiss to get to the point, where I tell my parents I’m wrong and it’s up to them time to shine now?”

When the host asked Jemima if the film praised “a throwback community,” she explained how the set design was not compromised. He said, “Well, I think there’s a big difference between forced and assisted marriage. There’s no place for the former in the modern world. But you can call it anything. a supportive marriage. set up by those who love you and know you best. It is not far from your friend to set you up with someone or a friend friendship. Only different friendships help you meet the right person.”

Before the interview ended, Jemima refused to discuss the end of the film, “There are no bad things here, you have to watch the film,” she said.

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