Nida’s shocking reaction to winning the WC took Twitter by storm

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Nida’s shocking reaction to winning the WC took Twitter by storm

Almost two months into 2023 and Nida Yasir managed to turn herself into a meme again. After the sudden collapse of Formula One in 2021, the morning presenters are now turning to him and his general knowledge – or lack thereof – of our cricketing history.

Nida, along with host Shaista Lodhi, made a guest appearance on former cricketer Shoaib Akhtar’s show titled The Shoaib Akhtar Show. In a teaser released by streaming platform UrduFlix for the show, Rawalpindi Xpress is seen asking Nida a tricky question.

“When did Pakistan win the World Cup in 1992?” Shoaib asked and the question sent Nida into a state of confusion where she could not think of an answer. Immediately, he said “2006?” then Shaista whispered the clear answer, “1992,” – even though the cricket told him not to help Nida.

Hearing that, Nida turned back to Akhtar, confident, and asked him to repeat the question. “When did Pakistan win the World Cup in 2009?” he asked at this time. “1992,” said Nida. So, Shaista laughed and said, “Listen to the question.” At this time, it started to be less funny than what he thought because he realized that his answers were wrong.

The video posted on Urdflix’s official account went viral on social media with everyone digging Nida’s reaction. “Now it’s happening again. No one can beat Nida Yasir in the current affairs,” wrote a user on Twitter.

Another user was excited to see how much “fun” the two morning entertainers were having together. “It would be so funny if the two morning shows shared the screen together,” they wrote.

One tweep thought about the camera’s tears and laughter while taking the photo while other users called Nida the most “smart” and “intelligent” person in Pakistan.

This user was offended by Nida’s stupidity as someone representing Pakistan on national television. “This is the wisdom and education of a woman who hosts our morning show and makes our country worse day by day. Stop watching his shows,” they wrote.

One user felt like it was all planned to go viral. “This is a lie, this is deliberate ignorance. The event is going viral which has already happened. Women love to go viral, viral is the most addictive and intoxicating, they want it all the time. Some women planned trouble and stupidity to spread,” read the tweet.

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