Miandad debunks health stories

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Miandad debunks health stories

Amid rumors about his health on national and social media, former Pakistan Test captain and legendary batsman Javed Miandad on Friday rubbished all the rumours, saying that he it is very good.

According to some media reports, Miandad was “critically ill” and was under observation at a private hospital in Karachi. However, the cricketer has denied all the reports.

“I have heard that story [about my health] appeared everywhere. I want to let everyone know that there is no such thing,” he said in a video message.

Miandad said he only came to the hospital for his routine check-up. “I have a slight headache so I came to check, everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about,” he added.

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He said everyone comes to the hospital for a routine check-up so there was nothing unusual about his visit. “But I realized here that everyone including my fans, friends and family are worried about me,” he said.

The former captain also said that he will soon be discharged from the hospital.


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