Urvashi, Naseem’s brief exchange sparks meme-fest

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Urvashi, Naseem’s brief exchange sparks meme-fest

Indian people Urvashi Rautela neck raise eyesforeheadonce again, it’s time for wishes Pakistanc pacer, Naseem Shahhappy birthday to you. Shah, who 20th anniversaryth birthday Yesterday, Rautela’s message was answered with “Thank you!” but Pakistanis feel compelled to comment further on their brief and almost insignificant interactions.

Rautela wished Naseem a information under his Instagram iostcn the pacer Congratulations to Shadab Khan on his wedding. The actor wrote, “Happy Birthday Naseem Shah. Congratulations on being conferred the honorary rank of DSP.” Naseem revealed he Welcome b informationing,” Thank you”.

In order to see Urvashi’s post, Instagram users must follow her, otherwise they will not see her comment.

Meanwhile, many Twitter users have shared their feelings on the micro-blogging site and they all feel strongly about Shah still focusing on cricket. Show them ownership for the young man, some have urged Rautela to “get away” from their son, and make memes to reduce their frustration.

Really, who did this?

If you love them, let them be

Sorry, not sorry


At least they said ‘please’

A recurring theme of the session

For the uninitiated

Should we be worried?

Last year, Rautela shared an Instagram reel featuring the Pakistan pacer after the Asia Cup match on September 4. The “fan edit” saw Rautela enjoying the match between India and Pakistan, apparently smiling at Shah when he was seen filming something with Atif Aslam. Koi Tujhko Na Mujhse Chura Le play back.

As people started insulting him, Rautela deleted the clip.

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