The PGA Tour evolved because of the LIV challenge: Woods

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The PGA Tour evolved because of the LIV challenge: Woods


The establishment of golf is still being reinvented 12 months after the rise of the Saudi-backed LIV Golf tournament that rocked the game around the world and pitted longtime friends against each other. .

Tiger Woodswho came strongly on the side of the US PGA Tour and the DP World Tour, said that these tours are looking for the best ways to meet fans, honor history and reward players in the changing landscape of golf.

“If you go back to this week in Genesis last year to where it is now, we have to say it’s been very chaotic,” Woods said on Tuesday. ready to play in the Genesis Invitational at Riviera Country Club.

“We didn’t expect the golf game to be at this level, but actually, that’s the reality.”

That fact includes lawsuits back and forth, the ban of LIV Golf players to oppose on the PGA Tour – and also the DP World Tour’s abortive efforts failed in court.

In the year since Phil Mickelson said that LIV Golf offered an opportunity to “reinvent” how the PGA Tour does business, major changes have indeed been made, especially the addition of special features that should be where the best players play and carry purses. – including this week’s $20 million jackpot.

Among other changes reportedly being considered, including making the cut-free event on the PGA Tour, Woods said several options are being discussed.

“We are in the process of everything and a lot of different models, different ideas, trying to know what is the best product and the competitive environment and what we have to do in the future,” Woods said.

“Yes, limited field, what’s the number. cut? Yes or no. What’s the number, what are we at. How many players are playing in the game? OK, what the ability to enter selected games?”

LIV Golf’s limited no-cut courses are a major blow to golfers, who fear they will reduce the game’s competitiveness and limits. opportunities for golfers to move up the ranks.

Woods said the debate has been “difficult” but that “we’re trying to create the best product that we think is the future of golf, how it’s played.”

Masters champion Scottie Scheffler, who regained the world number one title with a win at the Phoenix Open on Sunday, said that even the introduction of some limited edition games will be available There are opportunities for new and experienced players.

“If we go into those small fields it’s not impossible,” Scheffler said. “Since you go down from 120 guys, let’s say you go to 70, there will always be ways for people to get into these tournaments.

Amidst the changes, with LIV Golf pushing hard for world-class promotion as it prepares to begin its second season, Scheffler could find himself in the middle of the fray when he hosts in the Masters tournament in April.

Woods, who has hosted five championship dinners, said he doesn’t know what LIV golfers and the PGA Tour have in common.

“I know some of our friendships are definitely different ways, but we’ll see when all of that comes out,” Woods said, adding that he hopes the day comes together. past champions to “honor Scottie.”

Scheffler, who said he hasn’t settled on a menu for the dinner, is hoping the day will be entertaining.

“Getting all those guys together in a room, I mean, it’s got to be a lot of fun,” he said. “It’s a great group of people, Masters champions, and I believe we can put aside our own ideas and just have a fun night and enjoy the reality of the night.”


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