Javed Akhtar is all set to attend the Faiz Festival in Lahore

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Javed Akhtar is all set to attend the Faiz Festival in Lahore

The seventh part of the event will continue from February 17 to 19 at Alhamra Arts Council


The annual international Faiz Festival is all set to begin in Lahore this weekend. The third day will host foreign representatives from countries including the UK, Canada, the USA, and India for its various literary, musical, and artistic works. More than 60 events – including talks, lectures, theater, dance, and qawwali will be held at the Alhamra Arts Council.

Unlike previous performances, all performances at the Faiz Festival will be free for the public, after organizers faced criticism over ticket prices. this popular event. The preparations at the Alhamra Hall, Mall Road, and its nearby streets including the Canal Road continue for the next three days of the letter writing.

“This way, many of the Faiz Festival events will be open to the public, free of charge, because the last part of the event has not been received yet. an answer we expected, the participants were not happy with the cost of some of the activities. “This is what a senior official of the Punjab Arts Council said Alabi News. “Now, the public in Punjab is spoiled for choice as the PSL is also in full swing.

The schedule of the seventh part of the festival has also been given by the Faiz Foundation. According to the program, the event will continue from the 17th of February to the 19th. The official ceremony of the event will be held on the first day after the Friday prayer.

“Staying true to its roots, Faiz Festival is moving forward with the vision and mission of Faiz Ahmad Faiz,” the late poet’s daughter, Muneeba Hashmi, shared in the publication. “We are trying to balance between quality and relevance with the shows this year. What we hope to achieve is entertainment and guests according to the current conditions.”

He added, “This year, a large delegation from India is also participating in the festival and we thank the government of Pakistan for issuing them visas. During the festival, the he will release his new book and will also be part of the mushaira.”

Muneeba further revealed that she will also be a part of the panel, which will be moderated by Adeel Hashmi. “The said group will include poets and artists from India who are part of the delegation,” he said while elaborating, “Rizwan Wali Muhammad, the son of Habib Wali Muhammad, will come in Pakistan from the US after 40 years. Father and Faiz’s work, including his own songs that he composed in America. From the UK, a delegation of qawwals from the Sabri gharana family will appear. Kathak dancer Farah Yasmeen Sheikh is also coming to the faiz festival.”

He reiterated, “All the performances are free except the concert of singer Shafqat Amanat Ali which will cost Rs 3000 per ticket. Shafqat will take center stage and performed his father’s songs as well as his own songs at the event. Thank you for accepting our invitation. We are also paying special tribute to Amjad Islam Amjad and Zia Mohyeddin Sahab during the event for their contribution.

On the first day of the event, Ajoka Theater is showing its popular play, Anhi Mai Da Sufna, while on the second day of the event, a total of 30 shows will be held in inside the building of the Alhamra Arts Council. According to the schedule, prominent local people including Dr Arifa Sayed, Zahra Nigar, Sarmad Sultan Khosat, poet Ali Mazhar, Fazal Jaat, Irfan Khosat, Imran Abas, Dr Sugra Sadaf will participate in the famous festival.

This past weekend was a literary heaven for the people of Lahore with the Pakistan Literature Festival (PLF) going on stage at the Alhamra Arts Council in Lahore. A history of its kind, the literary festival spread over three days of sessions, exhibitions and trade shows on art, poetry, society, economy , entertainment and tributes to celebrate the country’s rich literature, culture and heritage.

The event included all forms of art and held ceremonies and activities for all ages. There were live paintings, traditional dance performances, book stalls, food, concerts, and discussions on current issues such as climate change, Lahore’s poor air quality and the economy. , and other topics.

At the closing ceremony, the festival recognized the services and work of Naheed, Dada and Nahid Siddiqui and presented them with the Achievement Award. . The event ended with a few words by Anwar Maqsood on culture, society and Pakistan.

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