Bol has lifted his doping ban

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Bol has lifted his doping ban


Olympic 800m sprint Peter Bol said he had been punished after Australia lifted his provisional doping ban on Tuesday, despite an ongoing investigation.

Bol who was born in Sudan was temporarily suspended in January after his test “A” was confirmed for the improvement of Erythropoietin Receptor Agonists (EPO).

The analysis of his “B” sample however resulted in an “atypical” test for the banned EPO, Sport Integrity Australia said in a statement.

The suspension of the 28-year-old man has been lifted, said the anti-doping authority, warning that his investigations have not been completed.

An atypical test is not the same as a negative test result, it said.

Out-of-competition rehearsals were held last October.

“The investigation into the matter is ongoing. Sport Integrity Australia will, as part of its investigation, continue to assess whether any anti-doping violations have been committed,” said the organization.

“A time frame cannot be given at this time.”

Bol, who qualified for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and won silver at last year’s Commonwealth Games, denied wrongdoing at the time. whole.

Athletics Australia says Bol can now return to training and competition.

“The last month has been nothing less than a nightmare,” Bol wrote on social media, adding that he wished his performances weren’t “correct”. A”.

“Let me say it once again: I am innocent and I did not take this as I was accused,” said Bol.

“I have never in my life bought, researched, possessed, prescribed, or used EPO supplements or any other illegal substance, and never will.”

Peter Bromley, chief executive of Athletics Australia, noted that the investigation against Bol is ongoing.

“It’s a complicated and complicated situation with a very specific process, but it’s important to allow the process to take its course,” he said in a statement.


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