5 simple ideas of days to celebrate Valentine’s Day

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5 simple ideas of days to celebrate Valentine’s Day


It’s Valentine’s Day and people are rushing to find the best way to celebrate and appreciate their loved ones. Going on a date is considered one of the best ways to spend the special event! While a nice meal at Cafe Aylanto might be a good date night for some, for others a quiet walk in the park, apart from all the judging stares will be enough for an unforgettable outing.

In the end, this day is about cherishing the people around you. So, to help you out, we’ve put together five cheap and easy day ideas.

1. The plan is five to one

Instead of spending cash on one fancy meal, it’s better to spend the whole day with your loved one. Here’s the scenario: you plan to have a nice vacation, meet your boss at a nearby park and sit in the cool breeze all evening. But, that’s not all! On this day, you can go home later and watch a movie together while ordering or cooking dinner. The idea is to do two fun activities together.

If you are a foodie couple, this plan will please both of you. We also recommend parks that are less crowded and more private. In the modern age, if spending time at home is not possible, the recent launch of Air BnB is your second best option.

2. The love of the Millennium

Rumor has it that some couples like to play together! Well, for all those who love the arcade, we recommend any of these places: Sindhbad Wonderland, Gameplex, Warriors Gaming Lounge and GENZ Gaming Zone in Karachi.

For adventurers, the best places to visit are Bahria Adventureland Theme Park and Chunky Monkey. Although these options may not be suitable for everyone, it is the safest for partners to enjoy a nice day on February 14.

3. The morning people
Considering Valentine’s Day is a weekday this year, many workers may be too tired to make a proper date when they get home from a long day. To fight fatigue, we advise couples to wake up early and have a nice breakfast together before going to work on Tuesday.

4. He likes beaches
It’s for those who can’t live without the beach and give any reason to just jump in the car and drive to the coast to lift their spirits. Well, luckily the beach is free and a great place to have a date. Just strolling while watching the sunset is an unforgettable experience.

5. Sleep
For singles here, don’t worry because there is something for you too! This year, invite your favorite friends, cousins, and siblings over for a fun sleepover at your house! Whether it’s with family or close friends, spending a cozy night in with a pet on the go is a rite of passage for singles—and it certainly is. School.

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