‘Ranjha’ was rewritten for Kiara-Sid’s wedding day

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‘Ranjha’ was rewritten for Kiara-Sid’s wedding day

Actors Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra shared a beautiful photo from their recent wedding. Kiara danced down the catwalk as she made her way to Sidharth, who was waiting on stage with a big smile. The bride entered him with Sidharth’s favorite song, Ranjha. However, the words of the original book were rewritten specifically for the bride, according to the Wedding Filmer, the videographer of the event.

The song Ranjha from Shershaah, Sidharth and Kiara’s first film together made them fall for each other. The Wedding Filmer, who recorded the wedding of Sidharth and Kiara, shared the video on Instagram, as well as the latest news.

The company revealed that Kiara was happy to play Ranjha as her wedding song. Sharing the clip, the Wedding Filmer wrote, “Very few people are so generous in their love that they are willing to share it with the world. She wanted to walk towards Sidharth on Ranjha, this is their song. ‘But it’s a sad song!’ I argued. ‘But it’s our song!’ He took care of it!” The post added, “So we rewrote the lyrics according to the situation we were in, and suddenly, everyone’s dreams came true!” Prerna Arora and Ashwani Basoya lent their voices. ​in the song. Lyrics written by Shradha Sehgal.

On Saturday, the Wedding Filmer shared the lyrics of the song on their Instagram account. To go,”Mangeyan Tere Toh Rabba, Rabba Mainu Tu Mileya/Jag Lagda Mehka Mehka, Mehka Gutshan Haa Khileya/Sunn Mahi, Sunve Ranjha/Aaja Munn Dar ia Aajaa Tere Main Ghar Hai Jaana/Aaja Aaja/Ranjha Tere Jaye Sab Main Chhadeyan Sang Tere Main Taalaana Sunn Mahi/Sunve Ranjha/Aaja Aaja/Raanjhaa.”

It goes on and on, “O Mera Dholaa Ve Aaya, Dholaaa Mera Dhola Ve Aaya/Dholaaa x2/0 Rabba, Mann le Duawan Zindani Naal Guzaran/Hatha Di Ye Mehendi, Khushiya Naal Sajawan/Sunn Mahi, Sunve Ranjha/Aaja Hunn Darte Aajaa/Aaja Hunn Darte Aajaa Aaha Aaha.”

Kiara and Sid tied the knot on February 7 at the Suryagarh Palace in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. For the ceremony, Kiara wore a pink lehenga with diamond jewelry. Sidharth opted for ivory sherwani and polki jewellery, studded with fine uncut diamonds for the perfect look.

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