Liverpool in the unacceptable 10: Carragher

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Liverpool in the unacceptable 10: Carragher


First Liverpool Defender Jamie Carragher says the club’s 10th place in the Premier League is unacceptable and says it is down to a lack of management.

Liverpool have their lowest score after 20 games for eight years and are 29 more than their total during the same period of their winning season in 2019-2020.

Although there are obstacles such as a long list of injuries, Carragher still believes that Liverpool should challenge for the top four.

“It’s not acceptable for Liverpool to be 10th in the league with the manager and the players they have,” said Carragher, on Overlap Live Fan Debate, in partnership with Sky Bet, on construction of Monday’s derby at home to Everton.

“Liverpool are having a bad season, they should be in the top four, they shouldn’t be where they are now. Going to Wolves, there aren’t many teams. Liverpool thought they were going to win that game.”

A 3-0 defeat by Wolverhampton Wanderers at the weekend left Liverpool 11 points behind fourth place. Newcastle United.

“Everyone is asking, what is happening at Liverpool? If Juergen Klopp doesn’t know, we don’t know. Klopp tried a lot of different things,” said Carragher.

“The problems with Liverpool are that they are plagued by injuries, and there is a lack of team management, Jordan Henderson is very disappointed.” Liverpool’s supporters have been different lately, but he’s done his job.

“He’s 31 years old and won everything. He shouldn’t be playing every week now, but because of the poor management of the team, he’s playing week after week.

“They don’t get anybody at that sweet spot of 25-29 and you have to put them on. KloppPep Lijnders and the recruitment team are more commendable than any recruitment team I have seen.”

Carragher also criticized the club’s Fenway Sports Group.

“They have done a fantastic job. The biggest mistake that FSG made was that they allowed this team that everyone in Europe said was the model to follow in terms of buying and selling players. , to destroy,” said Carragher.

“A top team that everyone tried to emulate has been allowed to slip away.


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