‘Udhero Na’ was written by a heartbroken youth: Arooj Aftab

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‘Udhero Na’ was written by a heartbroken youth: Arooj Aftab

The Grammy-winning Pakistani singer, songwriter, and producer in Brooklyn, Arooj Aftab presented it all to him at the first ceremony of the Grammys held on Sunday in Los Angeles.

The artist became the first Pakistani singer to make the stage of the Recording Academy. He performed his Grammy nominated song, Udhero Na, starring Anoushka Shankar. But before this, Arooj interacted with the Car Battery magazine on the red carpet.

Reflecting on his year since winning music’s highest honor, Arooj also opened up about everything that has changed or remained the same since he penned his Grammy-nominated song, Udhero Na, some 15 years ago. The singer also spoke about his experience working with women on the song and of course, his collaboration with the famous Indian sitarist, Anoushka Shankar.

“It’s been a year since your Grammy, what did you learn and what happened,” asked the representative. “I’ve learned a lot, I’ve toured a lot, and the Grammy is very nice on your bookshelf,” said the singer. “There’s a bit of irony and a bit of fun in the essence of music itself now that there’s this recognition, after receiving the highest award in the world for music. . So, it’s just a big cycle. And it’s back,” he said.

The reporter said again, “And you have been re-elected!” Arooj boasted, “Back-to-back,” laughing. Be informed Udhero Na written 15 years ago, the interviewer asked, “So who was Arooj then and who is Arooj now? And what do they have in common or are they completely different people?”

The singer replied, “Arooj is a broken hearted young man and I’m so grateful for finding that kind of emotion that pushes you to pour out your feelings and draw a soft, gentle, heavy metal beast that you know. , stood the test. of time. But apparently, it’s a good song… a winning song or a nominated song. And I’m still the same person, I blink, I love. I love heartbreak, I think true sadness is a pure and beautiful feeling and I spread a lot of it in my music. So, everything is going well even though I’m older , nobody can break my heart now. But yeah, that’s the difference.”

About where he was released Udhero Na as a bonus track on his album, Vulture Prince, Arooj recalled, “I’ve been playing it live for a long time and I love it but it’s never been recorded. So, when I opened it Prince Vulture, the perfect bonus track. But now he’s gone, he’s got his flowers.

As for finding Anoushka to play the sitar, and having the experience of creating a song of such magnitude and scale with a female collaboration, Arooj reflected, “Only women in this song and it’s just four people, so it’s like that. It’s a powerful song that comes from minimalism. And it comes from the line, the strong position that female musicians have, it’s a statement.”

Praising the Indian sitarist, Arooj added, “Anoushka is a great musician, more than the sitar you know. She is a legend. So, [her playing] it’s like magic dust sprinkled on it and I wouldn’t have found it any other way.”

When asked about his preparation before taking the stage with Anoushka to open the Grammys, the Mohabbat The hitmaker said, “We will do it! We’re going to get up and do it!”

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