Pathaan should have poster instead of Joyland: Faysal

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Pathaan should have poster instead of Joyland: Faysal

Recently, Sajal Aly came under fire after designer Maria Butt was upset over the fact that a poster of Joyland was seen in Aly’s room in the actress’s latest episode, Kuch Ankahi.

Although the film received praise on social media, the designer, who has been consistent in his criticism of the transgender community, emphasized one of the specific circumstances that quickly made the director appear by Saim Sadiq.

In the midst of all this, a photo from a talk show featuring Faysal Qureshi, Atiqa Odho, and Rubina Ashraf has started circulating on social media and is being considered a “proper response” by many. to the claims of the couturier. The host of the show is also seen quizzing the guests in this exclusive clip from Kuch Ankahiwith Maria’s comments.

Atiqa sees her face the question head-on, explaining how the Yaqeen Ka Safar star is a person of integrity, to create work, and to express the choice of the person in his room.

“Sajal portrays herself as a social, sarcastic person [who is] hire. His room will reflect that,” said the television and movie star.

This is where Faysal approached, saying that he also saw the poster for Kamli, and indicated that these were pictures of the country. He sarcastically asked if it was a poster for Shah Rukh Khan’s Patan should be above, because of the suspicious light that shines on the local government agencies and the military.

“The posters of our films,” said Qureshi. “These are new pictures. There should be a poster for Patan to put up? Where is the ISI being abused, and everyone is applauding Shah Rukh Khan? Your armed forces are being criticized – but if it was a Shah Rukh Khan ad, it would be fine.”

Also, he added that one can interfere with the picture, but the fact that it shows a Pakistani picture was revealed. “A Pakistani film. You can have a problem with it, but it is a Pakistani film,” he concluded.

Maria did not respond to the two stars to defend Sajal amid the fiasco. When he first took to Instagram, the author wrote how local news also promoted a photo that provoked a lot of debate, because it shows a transgender person and an actor. He told Pakistanis to “wake up” and “look at the new agenda,” saying such actions would do little to save the country and go a long way toward selling its religious identity. .

The special screengrab also shows the posters of Kamli by Sarmad Khoosat and the famous Iranian director Panah Panahi. Leave the Roadnext to the poster for Joyland.

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