Everything we know about Sanam, Fawad’s ‘Barzakh’

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Everything we know about Sanam, Fawad’s ‘Barzakh’

The title of Asim Abbasi’s much awaited webcast, which will reunite Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan on screen after the epic drama Zindagi Gulzar Hai, finally got a title! Pares (Barrier), produced by Shailja Kejriwal and Waqas Hassan, has already created high expectations among the viewers. The website is also scheduled for its debut in France at the famous Series Mania festival in March 2023.

In the series, Khan will play the role of a single parent – handsome but riding on guilt for what he lost. Saeed plays the other lead role. Pares which marks the pair’s online reunion after 10 years, will be the only selection from South Asia at the event scheduled to take place in Lille.

The website will be selected as part of the International Panorama line-up, a 12-title competition category and has also been nominated in several categories such as Best Series, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor as well as the Student Jury award and the Audience Award.

Happy with the choice, director Asim Abbasi said, “At its core, Pares a family drama set in a world of supernatural and otherworldly things. The reason for the story came from the loss of self and the fear that came with it, and I realized that love is truly eternal and I was inspired to write a story about it.”

The filmmaker continued, “The choice is Pares at Series Mania is a very important and humbling award for all of us, not only is it a show that is very close to my heart but the selection is a strong confirmation that our belief in this story is finding its way. among the best in the world.”

In an interview with Differences, Abbasi shared, “What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to have a soul, and is it immortal? How does one find hope and joy in a perpetual state of limbo? The main concerns are Pares.”

Of the cake The director shared that it was a very personal project for him. “After the death of my father, and witnessing my son grow into a young man, I found myself frustrated with uncertainty, with memories of times gone and love lost. the end of thought, the end of love. And from these concerns, grew a story that love is truly eternal. Where it came to life for us – and became a legend superhuman,” he continued.

He added, “This series was created during the pandemic when all the previously defined concepts of love, life, death and beyond underwent a frightening change. Really.”

‘Churails’ to ‘Barzakh’

Abbasi’s latest offering marks a major departure from his last venture, Churails. “Churails she had a beautiful personality and a healing power. It found its value in exploring anger and our special choices for that series reflected that. Pares more concerned with the silence, the spaces between what is said and what is not said. It is dangerous and mysterious in nature. And therefore, it required a different level of control, restraint and precision,” he said.

Saeed, Khan reunited on screen

Last year, in a statement, Saeed revealed, “I don’t think I have found such a perfect character. I have to love my man. I have to understand him. , feel him, believe him, understand. His journey and his story and I think subconsciously I look for a message that my character can give to the audience. a positive impact on women .”

Talk about the show, the Humsafar star – without revealing too much – shared, “The show is starring Sanam Saeed. That’s all I’m allowed to show. It’s amazing to work with this wonderful cast and crew. One what I can say about it: maybe I didn’t get to know each of them, but I spent a great time with many of them.”

He added, “The day I left the set, I told them, ‘It’s over Kapoor & Sons, this is probably one of the projects where I feel like I’ve made a family on set.’ A lot of good energy went into making it and I felt those good vibes. I love these guys. This project is dear to me and close to my heart.”

Earlier, Khan, on Zindagi television, said in a statement, “I think Zindagi is taking bold and daring decisions when it comes to stories. It’s always evolving. in a platform that encourages diversity of thought and togetherness for all artists and materials ranging from the everyday to the avant-garde and noir. I feel that there is a place for everyone in this artistic landscape.”

Saeed also added, “I’m excited to work with one of my favorite directors Asim Abbasi again, this time for Zindagi. This new project begins with an amazing journey with amazing performances by a carefully chosen person. I can’t wait for everyone to see the magic created in this beautiful limbo land.”

Held annually in Lille in France, the Series Mania festival, since its inception in 2010, has been instrumental in identifying and classifying the best series in the world. The festival brings together the best writers, directors and artists together under one roof. Series Mania runs March 17-24.

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