Fat iPad may arrive next year: report

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Fat iPad may arrive next year: report

Apple is working on the release of a folding iPad, said Apple researcher, Ming-Chi Kuo is “good about the folding iPad in 2024”, which is expected to improve shipments and increase productivity.

While not offering many details, Kuo added in his tweet that the upcoming foldable iPad could feature a “carbon fiber” kickstand produced by Anjie Technology, a manufacturing company. Chinese goods.

The last important prediction of the foldable iPad came out Ross Young, Adviser Information Show, last February. He predicted that the company is developing a folding iPad/MacBook hybrid with a 20-inch folding screen, which will not be released until 2026. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg later reported that Apple is studying a two-tablet that can be folded, with the bottom of the display serving as a laptop, using MacBook-style.

Kuo added in his prediction, an iPad Mini may be released next year, but the new model may enter production in the first quarter of 2024.


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